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• 4/25/2018

did yuri ever acsept how things are

i have been wondring who is right someone on an amino said she did but i don't think she did and i read nothing about her accsepting how things are so who is right me or them
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• 2/12/2018

Favorite character?

A lot of the characters in Angel Beats are great, but Yui is by far my favorite. Who is your favorite character?
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• 9/25/2017

Kanade and Otonashi (Spoliers)

just finished the series, I found out in the final episode that Kanade had Otonashi's heart which extended her lifespan but wasn't angel already their in the afterlife and fighting before otonahi came? please answer i am really confused
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• 4/17/2018

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• 1/3/2017

Season 2! (Well, kind of)

To those of you wanting to see how everyone ended up after being reincarnated, here's a drama CD that covers it! I found it after a bit of searching, and it's even English subbed~ Please check it out!!
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• 8/21/2016

Soundtrack of Naoi

You know the scene where Naoi disappears? There's a music box song and I can't find it, can somebody tell me the name? :(
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• 4/20/2016

Everyone wants the ending to be perfect...

Meanwhile you have people like me who wished that at the end when we are all crying about them moving on we then get a picture of them all being barnacles and we laugh but yet we still cry but laugh at the stupidity but yet the pain that it sent us though just to see they didn't really moved on, they became the most powerful of them all, BARNACLES!
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• 3/23/2016

Do Kanade love Otonashi?

At the ending (13th episode) Otonashi said that he falls in love with kanade but she doesn't replied at least. She only said she was lucky about meeting him and she thanked Otonashi for spending his heart.
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• 1/13/2016

Kanade is human, but uses that program for ncps... ??

kanade is the only one who altered her apperance using this angel computer program. Yurippe says towards the end that the shadow must have been created by using the same program for ncps... and she also said that she wanted kanade to fight the shadows, because kanade is a npc with that program. but in the last episode, kanade disappears. ncps cant do that xD and because she has yuzurus heart, she must be human... but why does the program work then???
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• 11/29/2015

Message from a Wikia contributor

Angel Beats Session2

Make session2 of Angel Beats use the same people same voice and make session2 I don't know how you should make it but make it good I hop you got this.
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• 9/29/2015

I never knew about this anime about a week ago!

And then I start liking yuzuru and then I barley noticed that he has an afterlife! And I really started to like him!!!!
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• 9/22/2015

The mysterious boy appears in episode 12, who created it?

1 - a curiosity, it is not said if the Mysterious Boy is an NPC or a person, but he says he is programmed to watch the computers and see how much love is in the Afterlife. When love began to manifest in Afterlife, he probably activated the Shadow Program to kill everyone, so he is an NPC? as far as I know it is impossible to program a person.
2 - Angel Beats is a game? the reason why I started to have doubts that is, in the anime and manga all they talk programming, NPCs and Etc ...
Otherwise the Mysterious Boy says he was programmed to activate the program of shadow creatures.
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• 9/17/2015
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• 8/16/2015

Opening Sequence Image

In every episode's opening sequence, three flashes of Otonashi are shown, the first two being from later in the episode. But the third one is always the same, with Otonashi shifting his gaze upwards and a blue sky behind him. Which episode and scene is this image taken from?
The third image of Otonashi in every episode's opening sequence:
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• 8/15/2015

Just how good this anime is.

I am truly thankful that I chose just on chance to watch this anime. It makes you rethink the value of your life, from how bad it is, to how good it is, and how much potential everyone really has.i just wish this anime has effected everyone the way it has affected me, although I'm in puberty, so the feeling is heightened. I love this anime. It is really an anime people need to watch.
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• 7/31/2015

TK's Death?

I know it is never expressed in the series, but could it be that TK has given us clues on his death? In the 2nd Ova (Hell's Kitchen; Ep. 15 SUB) he says something that really puts me on hold. In the midst of yet another fantastic sacrifice, he states,: ["Right now, she's waiting at the airport lobby."] All the while saving his dear comrade from being set ablaze by the choppers' missiles. Moments later he burns up from the flames in a dramatic display and temporarily "dies." Thus, ending that epic moment. In an earlier episode (around the beginning of the series) he also proclaims: Hurry up! (after that, he said: "You can make it! Oh, run to her and hug her tight!" in Japanese). Though, this even being related to the other quote is unknown. 
Now here is my theory! TK must have travelled between Japan and America in his actual LIFE. He is most likely an American who lived in Japan for sometime. Thus, explaining why he knows more Japanese than he does English despite his frequent outbursts of English and as to why he understands his fellow teammates in the SSS (as most of them speak Japanese). Overall, I am not too keen on these particular specifics. 
...But based on the clues I have gathered (not only from the quotes or characteristics/descriptions, but from the trivia section), I am almost certain of how he died. How about this?: TK was on an ordinary travel to see a loved one. Possibly a girlfriend or fiancee. She, of course, was in a separate country at the time, so dear TK had to travel by plane. Now whether he was going to Japan or the USA is unclear. Yet, he had boarded an airline to see his beloved. Before the plane could reach the destination, it must have gone through some sort of difficulties. Ambushed, hijacked,...Meh, let's go with crashed. All I can conclude is that TK must have died on that flight and never made it to see his loved one. As she ["is waiting at the airport lobby."] He understands how important a loved one is and how quickly life will fly by. Proven when he says, ["You can make it! Oh, run to her and hug her tight!"]...because he never got the chance to make it to the airport. 
That's what I have for you. It was just odd to hear that one quote in the situation. It really made me think. Of course, TK is still a mystery and we may never know the truth. He could be just spouting out random lyrics again...Still, I want to stand firm on this theory. Anyway, I'd like to hear some feedback and opinions? What do you guys think? Also! Check out that OVA! Hell's Kitchen ( @ around 16 minutes is TK's dramatic sacrifice).
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• 6/26/2015

My Soul Your Beats! page edits

I would like to discuss about the My Soul,Your Beats! page. 
Recently, I undo edits that changed the format of the lyrics. This also undo the edits to the translation themselves, back to what they were before.Translations are never 100% accurate, and there are many versions to go to. 
There are other problems on the page. The video section must be edited. The original version (Lia) has been deleted, so a new video must be inserted. The Girls Dead Monster ver. (LiSA) must be edited to correctly fitted within the Video section. It is currently overlapping the Lyric section.
EDIT: The video section has been reformatted. Headers had been removed for formatting issues on desktop versions.
Please discuss with me about this, so we can make the page better for the wikia.
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• 6/25/2015


Does the anyone else think the worst chatracter in angel beats is kanade she is so goddamn boring and is one of the many rei ayanami clones
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• 6/1/2015

Theory: I think I've found the rpg character Noda is imitating .

As stated in the manga, Noda believes the afterlife world to be a game, an rpg to be exact. 
Many characters point out that he seems to be imitating a video game character, I think I've found who. 
Felius Arwin from Wild Arms XF: 
Their character designs seem pretty similar, their personalities are quite simalar as well.
Felius uses halberd type weapons just like Noda does. 
It was also released three years before Angel Beats, so maybe there's a possibility that Noda's character was based on Felius? Or that Noda is imitating him? It might be far fetched, but I wanted to put it out there as a possibility.
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• 5/12/2015

Yuri and Yuzuru

I shipped Yuzuru with Yuri, but he had a "thing" with Angel? T^T
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