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• 12/29/2013

Tachibana Kanade in Hospital and why do she disappear?

First, when Kanade is in hospital, she stabbed herself by fighting Yuri. But I think it's not a clone.

Second, why Kanade disappeared? At episode 13, she told Otonashi if she tell her feelings, she will disappear (but I dont know why, hehehe).

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• 12/31/2013

To answer your second question, it was because her only regret in life was that she never met Otonashi or thanked him. In the final episode, she thanked him, and thus, she disappeared. She fixed her unfulfilled soul. Thus, she disappeared, And Otonashi left because his regrets were totally gone. Apparently, everyoneAs for the First one, she got stabbed trying to protect the SSS. She got stabbed by a clone. You see the clone was created after the Monster Stream incident. The clone was created with the intent to kill the big ass fish. Then apparently, the clone went rogue and kidnapped the original Kanade and bad stuff happened.

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