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Michael Morningstar
• 2/9/2014

Is there going to be a second season and what would it be about?

I loved the ending of Angel Beats!, watched special episode 14, and also saw the alternate epilogue short story (which was amazing). I kinda hope there will be a second season, but I'm not sure what it could be about. I added a list of my ideas... - possibly the alternate ending continues... - maybe there is a new group of people at the school... - there could be a group of people at a different afterlife place... - they could all meet up in life (Otonashi and Kanade could get married), and you could learn the other characters stories...

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Michael Morningstar
• 2/13/2014

So far there is no solid evidence of a Season 2 to be release however in the magazine there was a sentence that refered to it: [Yuri]: In the second season I'm going to be the herorine this time! However this may be a simple reference to the 3rd Drama CD (You should listen them if you have not yet).

From what gather there are 3 paths they can choose for a season 2:

1. Continuation of where original Epilogue left off. Slice of Life/Romance/Comedy genre showing the background stories of the other characters and showing their next life.

2. New group of members starting up what Yuri did before. Repetitive and boring but it could make do if they manage to snatch our attention. This is a continuation of the Alternate Epilogue

3. Remain canon with the original plot/setting (SOMEHOW!). This will be hard one to do and I mostly prefer if they don't. No clear plot to go by.


Overall, I don't think Jun Maeda will continue Angel Beats! just yet. He does still has other animes that he needs to take care of but just imagine that hype train for Season 2. They could make do with more OVAs, a movie for backstory of the other characters or animate Track Zero or the 3rd Drama CD.

• 7/1/2017
• 8/22/2017
I rather they call back the 13 episodes they had to cut out because of executive meddling.
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