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Anakin Nakamura
• 1/13/2016

Kanade is human, but uses that program for ncps... ??

kanade is the only one who altered her apperance using this angel computer program. Yurippe says towards the end that the shadow must have been created by using the same program for ncps... and she also said that she wanted kanade to fight the shadows, because kanade is a npc with that program. but in the last episode, kanade disappears. ncps cant do that xD and because she has yuzurus heart, she must be human... but why does the program work then???

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Anakin Nakamura
• 1/19/2016

The computer software; Angel Player was created by someone else and whoever created it, made it for Angel and I have no reason to explain but reading more into the story can change alot about your thoughts on it, like Otonashi taking a while to find his way to the afterlife after he died, although Kanade died after him so she wandered into the afterlife because she had only one regret in life; Not being able to thank the person who gave her life back you know?

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