Girls Dead Monster performing "Alchemy" in the anime.

Alchemy is an insert song for the third episode of the anime series Angel Beats. It is performed by Girls Dead Monster in the anime series, and is sung by Iwasawa's singing voice actor. It is included in the album "Girls Dead Monster: Keep the Beats!" which features most of the band's performances. It is also mentioned by Yui as the song that really "Pumps her up"

Vocals: Iwasawa from Girls Dead Monster


Lyrics[edit | edit source]

Romaji Translation[edit | edit source]

English Translation[edit | edit source]

Mugen ni ikitai
Mugen ni ikiraretara subete kanau
Demo irun na mono ga atashi wo oikondeku
Ikiru nokori jikan wo
Yume no zahyou yukue
Zenbu daiji na mono na no ni

I want to live forever
And if I could live forever everything would come true
But everything I have keeps driving me
During the time I have left to live
Where can I find my dreams?
Even though everything is precious to me

Iisa kokora de chotto amai mono tabete ikou
Sou iu shikou teishi bakari tokui ni natta
It’s no problem; I’ll just have a little snack right here
I took pride when I quit thinking like that
Aruite kita michi furikaeru to
Iya na koto bakkari de mou unzari da yo
Fureru mono wo kagayakashite yuku
Sonna michi wo ikite kitakatta yo
Looking back on the path I walked
I’ve had enough of only having the things I hate
The things I have experienced
brighten the path that I wanted to live
Mushou ni ikitai
Asette bakari no hibi subete kiesou
Demo sabotte mo miru datte tsukarechau ja nai
Sonna mujun shikou atashi atama dokka
Shiranai uchiutta mitai da
I want to live as much as I can
The days of only hurrying all vanish
But I try to skip even though I’m not completely exhausted
I had such contradictory thoughts
I guess I didn’t know that I got hit somewhere on the head
Ikka kokora de chotto byouin he itto kou
Zutto okiterareru kusuri ha oitemasen ka?
It’s okay; I’ll go to a nearby hospital for a bit
Could you give me medicine to keep me up forever?
Bosaato tsuttatteru dake de mou
Kaseki ni natte shimaisou nan da yo
Darekara mo wasurerareta you na
Kusunda sonzai ni natte shimau yo
Even if I just stand up
I’m already turning into a fossil
Like being forgotten by everyone
I’ll become a dusty existence
Iisa koko de chotto konjou wo misete yaru
Jibun de hoo tataite sonzai no shoumei he
It’s no problem; I’ll show you a bit of my will-power
I slap my own face as proof of my existence

Aruite kita michi furikaeranai
Iya na koto bakkari demo mae he susume
Fureru mono wo kagayakashite yuku
Sonna sonzai ni natte
Miseru yo

Not looking back on the path I walked
Even if it’s only the things I hate I’ll move forward
The things I have experienced
brighten the existence that I’ll become
I'll show them to you

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The song is very popular among the NPCs, as some claim to know of it.
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