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Set Information[]

Angel Beats! EP was the first of 3 card sets featuring characters from Angel Beats! The set consisted of 12 Rare Regulars. 24 Common Regulars. 12 Rare Foils. 24 Common Foils. 4 Promo Cards and 3 Rare cards that were signed by staff.

Card Types[]

Regular: The card is not holographic and more common than a foil

Foil: Holographic cards. Art is usually the same as regular cards but usually zoomed out.

Common: 4/5 Cards per pack. 1 Guaranteed Foil

Rare: 1/2 Cards per pack. Possibility of being foil.

Rare Regulars[]

Common Regulars[]

Rare Foils[]

Common Foils[]

Signed Cards[]


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