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The Angel Beats! Franchise was later turned into a playable card game by Weiβ Schwarz Cards. 2 Individual sets were created. The first set was called Angel Beats! EP and the second was called Angel Beats! EB Vol. 2. A 3rd set was released in a dual pack titled Angel Beats! & Kud Wafter. As the title suggests it was bundled with characters from the Kud Wafter anime. 

The sets were sold at retail for 3000 yen. However now it is easier to buy them on the internet on sites like eBay but they usually cost 50$ upwards. The sets are now sought after by collectors weather they want the complete sets or just the signed cards.

Relation to the Anime[]

Weiss Schwarz-In Charge of Seductive Appeal

In Charge of Seductive Appeal

It seems that the cards all have relation to quotes or scenes from the anime. For example the first card in the first set titled "In Charge of Seductive Appeal" could be a reference to Yui asking Yuri "Shall we take them down with sex appeal".

Signed Cards[]

Weiss Schwarz-End of the Confrontation

"End of the Confrontation"

In each set there were 2/3 cards that had been signed by the staff of the show, usually someone who worked on the character on the card. In the first 2 sets, Angel, Yuri and Yui all had a signed card each but in the Dual-Kud-Wafter set only Kanade and Yuri got signed cards. These cards are extremely rare and sought after.


  • Kanade, Yuri and Yui are the most common to appear on cards.
  • The majority of cards have female characters on them. 
  • Takeyama appears on his own in 3 cards in the first 2 sets. More than any other male character
  • Hinata and Otonashi appear on more cards than any male character. 4 in the first 2 sets. 
  • Matsushita has appeared on the least amount of cards. Only 1.
  • All the members of Girls Dead Monster were in each set