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A boy finds himself falling off the edge of a school building.

When he comes to, he finds himself in the infirmary, accompanied by a girl in a student's uniform, the same girl responsible for the accident involving him and a long freefall to the ground. He realizes that he survived the fall and, having fully recovered, follows the girl back to the rooftop.

The girl tells him that he is now in the afterlife. He then recollects on his final moments before passing; he met his end when he was involved in a vehicular accident. He also remembers being led by a girl who introduced herself as the Student Council President into the school, where he attends a class in which he was unexpectedly part of.

He later turns to the girl he just met, and she explains how the world is a mix of humans like him and her and "non-humans" who do not show even a slight hint of surprise when he joins the class. Also, he ends up finding out the possibility of a "God" which she also points out.

The newcomer finally introduces himself as Hinata, while the girl tells her name, Yuri. Hinata doesn't like her true name as it reminds him of his mother, so he gives her a nickname: Yurippe.

With the introductions sorted out, Yuri goes directly to her mission, to lure God out, by asking Hinata to join her in killing the rest of the student population. Shocked at her proposition, Hinata tries to negotiate to her to change her mind, but ends up with the task of thinking of another plan to fulfill her—now their—mission. Their discussion comes to an abrupt halt when the Student Council President appears behind them.

The seemingly familiar girl with white hair reminds them of the class schedule; meanwhile, Yuri dares Hinata to do something to the Student Council President. As he wants to avoid bloodshed, he tries to ask questions about God. The conversation becomes too bland between the two of them, so he shifts the topic to romance, where he is awarded with a painful kick by Yuri.

Evening has arrived and Hinata finds himself in the infirmary once again, and he gets scolded by Yuri for his fondness to flirt with girls. Hinata defends himself, but ends up sweet-talking his way to Yuri. Nonetheless, Yuri proposes that they become partners in her mission to seek God and Hinata agrees.

He soon notices that he feels hungry. Yuri tells him that food is available in the school cafeteria but is not for free except for available food coupons at the office. Yuri tells that it might be just a hassle, so she lends him a few coupons before they head off to the cafeteria.

While Hinata shows his amazement at the realism the food has, Yuri comments on his seemingly shallow sense of content. She explains that contentment is the key to Nirvana and when one attains it, he or she leaves this world and that this world is created solely for that purpose.

After their dinner, Hinata wonders about their accommodations for the night. Yuri tells him that he will end up sleeping with another student in a room among others in the dormitories situated inside the school complex. She also tells him that she kicked out her roommate upon finding out that it was "not human". After Yuri points him to his destination, she and Hinata part ways, heading off to the male dormitory.

He finds his room with his name and the name "Ooyama" on the name tags. Upon entering, he is greeted by his roommate, whom he describes as an NPC on an RPG: bearing no special features, lacking in personality and by-the-book.

Hinata takes the chance to talk with his new roommate despite his concerns, and notices his friendliness, despite not being as "human" as Yuri has portrayed.

The next day, Hinata meets up with Yuri with enthusiasm. He turns to her as the only human around, much to Yuri's disgust, and tells her how creepy his roommate was. After Yuri's reminder to never show his clinginess to her, she goes to Hinata for ideas on how to lure God. Hinata fails to submit any new ideas and he gets scolded for it. Their meeting is put on hold when they hear the announcement broadcast. Yuri takes the chance and she takes Hinata to investigate.

On their way to the faculty room, they hear something out of place from the school's usual sounds: the sound of a gunshot. Yuri appears to be pleased at the sound and tells a confused Hinata that a gun has been created. Though Hinata thinks of gunshots as something dangerous, Yuri tells him that guns would be an effective weapon for their mission. Seemingly unmoved by the chaos, Yuri takes Hinata closer to the source of the gunshot.