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Yuri and Hinata find themselves in the Principal's Office. A group of teachers barricaded in front of them and they insist that they returned to their classrooms as announced. Yuri then proceeds to take out the teachers blocking her way; after she clears out the path, she and Hinata rush inside.

When they entered the scene, they see a student securing an elderly-looking man in a headlock; he has a gun in his hand. The student points it at the intruders. Hinata watches as Yuri proposes a team-up with the student in front of him. At first, the student refuses to give his trust to others, but he enters a deal with Yuri: he shall agree to join her side if she takes off her clothes. Yuri strongly refuses, but the other side stays persistent. Yuri then decides to swap roles to Hinata. Hinata refuses to strip, let alone do it in front of a girl and a stranger, and a short argument erupts between the two.

Their squabble ends abruptly when the student fires a warning shot clean through the office's wall.

Hinata feels the reality of the situation and tries to negotiate with Yuri. The student threatens to fire the next shot on their heads when their verbal fight continues. Yuri tries to negotiate with the student, but it only made him more furious.

Yuri gives up the talks and orders Hinata to tackle him.

All of a sudden, they witnessed the Student Council President emerging from the door behind them, taking out the hostage taker with a stab wound on his body while she receives gun shots as well. Later, the members of the faculty move to rescue the principal while Yuri and Hinata realize that they had not done anything.

At dinner, Hinata watches as Yuri eats her udon in a quieter way compared to how she usually eats.

Hinata tries to comfort her for having failed to recruit an addition to her plans; this was answered by Yuri's usually violent remarks to Hinata, which he was relieved to have heard from her.

Soon, the topic moves back to the hostage incident earlier. Yuri remembers the "weapon" that sprouted from the Student Council President and she was puzzled about it. Hinata is also shocked to find out about the weapon's nature; Yuri then remarks that recruiting her is not feasible because she might be God herself. Yuri also explains that the afterlife, except for the tendency of the impermanence of death, the basic physics are the same as in the living world.

With that, Yuri decides that their target will be the Student Council President, as she suspects her to be God. Hinata then gets to bear the responsibility of confirming her hunch.

That night, Ooyama interrupts Hinata's moment of contemplating and offers to hear out to him.

Hinata ends up telling about Yuri and her threat of poking his eyes out with chopsticks. Ooyama felt nervous about the thought of it, and suggests him to break his relations to her. Hinata then invites him to be introduced to her, which Ooyama instantly refuses. Hinata then tells him that he has decided to be Yuri's companion despite of her violent instances.

Later, when the lights are off, and after a few attempts to fend off Ooyama, he thought of a plan.

The next day, he tells Yuri his plan to lure out the Student Council President, which consists plainly of recreating the events that had happened in the Principal's Office. Yuri, for the first time, feels pleased at her plan. That night, the plan goes into action.

They took up two days to look for the keys to the safe in the Teacher's Lounge and finally found it. Hinata takes the gun to his room and he ends up startling Ooyama with it. He tells his roommate that it was for payback whenever she tries to poke his eyes. Hinata then invites him to join them again, but he refuses again.

He feels excited at the events to unfold tomorrow, and he did not manage to sleep because of it.

The next day, they head off to the Principal's Office for the next stage of the plan. As what happened before, they put the principal in a headlock and pointed the gun into his head; Yuri acts as the leader while Hinata becomes backup. Soon, people gathered outside while Yuri yelled out her demands to the audience on the other side of the door. The principal then asks her about her real demands; after Yuri repeats her demands of luring out God, he blurts out that he has been a victim of these kinds of incidents for many times already.

Just then, the Student Council President appears. She manages to disarm Hinata and after a threat to hurt the principal by Yuri, she inches closer to her. Yuri looks as if she was in a tight situation, and Hinata tries to fend off the Student Council President, but after a quick attack, he finds his weapon--an aluminum bat--sliced cleanly in half by the mysterious girl's blades. Yuri's voice began to show anxiety as Hinata repeatedly fails to connect an attack to the Student Council President.

The Student Council President then tells Yuri that the principal, compared to its living-world counterpart, is of little importance in the afterlife. Yuri then decides to release the principal. The Student Council President then calmly asks for the gun that Yuri used. Yuri then points it at her (despite the fact that the gun has no bullets) and threatens to shoot it at her. Then, in an instant, with the words "Hand Sonic" coming out from her mouth, the Student Council President defends herself by trying to stab Yuri.Instead, pierces Hinata on the side.

As he loses consciousness, he tells Yuri that he will become a shield for her.

Hinata finds himself in the infirmary. Yuri was sitting on a chair beside him.

Yuri still is disappointed to see the gun she used being destroyed by the Student Council President's attack. She then invites Hinata to a late dinner over at the cafeteria.

As they proceed on eating their respective dishes for dinner (curry with natto for Hinata and steak udon for Yuri), she and Hinata discuss again about the Student Council President's powers. Yuri explains that her powers are "bestowed by God" while Hinata listens, clearly confused and being treated like a stranger by Yuri. Hinata then describes the Student Council President as "like an angel (servant of God)". Yuri likes the idea.

Yuri proposes again that they think of ways to destroy the order that the Student Council President, as an angel, is protecting. Hinata, like always, ends up thinking of how to do it.

That night, Hinata is welcomed by Ooyama, who is again startled by what he experienced that day. Hinata also gives Ooyama some natto that he ended up not eating because of Yuri's protests. He discovered that Ooyama likes it very much and, expecting that Ooyama is an NPC, awaits for an item as a reward.

Soon, Ooyama becomes puzzled at how Hinata compares the afterlife to a game. This surprises Hinata, who is starting to realize that Ooyama is not an NPC but a real human like himself who knows that he is dead.

Hinata mutters to himself that their next ally is closer to them than they think.