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First thing in the morning, Hinata proceeds to drag Ooyama to Yuri to introduce him to her; he was intent on recruiting Ooyama since he discovers that he is a human being like him. However, Ooyama is overwhelmed by fear, particularly from his thoughts about Yuri's personality, and by the time that they reach Yuri, he was trembling.

After punishing Hinata for such a forceful move, Yuri assures Ooyama that she is a friend; Ooyama was too traumatized to respond. Because of this, Yuri focuses on Hinata and hits him again.

Later, Hinata finds himself in the infirmary, being watched over by Yuri. She tells that Ooyama fled and it was his fault. Yuri then asks him to talk to Ooyama and reassure him that people don't die on this world and everything is alright; Hinata has his doubts, as he saw how Ooyama responded to Yuri's brutal actions against him earlier.

Hinata then notices that aside from the fact that Yuri's goal is to confront God, the entire process of doing it is still in the dark. He wants Yuri to have a change of attitude so that she is able to get people to help him, but she insists that she can do things on her own. Their clash of ideals became an argument, a serious argument, and it came to the point that Yuri wants to disband their partnership.

After leaving the infirmary, he finds Ooyama in a deserted tennis court.

Hinata praises Ooyama for being a cool guy, and the latter throws the compliment back as he deemed Hinata more worthy of being called cool. Ooyama then notices that Hinata is sad at that moment and it is there that Hinata tells him that he and Yuri are no longer friends--or more accurately, he was abandoned by her. With that, he decides to focus on himself, and how he could be able to move on from this world.

Soon their discussion turns from one topic to another, from Ooyama's "progress" in the afterlife, Hinata's goal, and how the afterlife is strikingly similar to a role-playing game. And, as if coming full-circle, the topic returns to Yuri.

Ooyama goes to boost Hinata's confidence to return to Yuri and help her along, and with a thumbs-up from Ooyama, Hinata runs to the rooftop, where Yuri usually stays.

She is not there.

He tries to look for Yuri around the school, and he finds her inside one classroom, surrounded by students as she rides the Student Council President. Hinata wonders if her attack against the President is partly because of his leaving her side; he then decides to stop her.

As he pushes towards the center of the commotion, a faculty member goes to restrain Yuri; she proceeds on cursing the teacher, but to no avail. The situation somewhat urged him to move, and with a swift move of his fist, he hits Yuri's captor with a punch on his jaw. Hinata then embraces Yuri, who is still fuming with anger, and endures attack upon attack inflicted by Yuri on him. He tells himself that Ooyama's "curing spell" should help him stand after her attacks.

Soon, the Student Council President goes to intervene. Yuri confronts the President, telling her about their roles, as the rebel and the moderator respectively. With that, Yuri leaves and tells Hinata to come along, dubbing the President her nickname "Angel" before leaving.

On the middle of the hallway, Ooyama waits for the two. Ooyama tries to use his "magic" to help Hinata and Yuri reveals that everything is staged and it was for him to join her side. Yuri then formally invites him to join their side, which he agrees.

Soon, everything got explained to Ooyama while they are in the middle of a tennis game. Soon, Yuri tells them of another possible ally, the same person who initiated an attack on the principal earlier, which was already at the field when they are talking about him. Upon the person's arrival, he aims his gun (loaded with bullets) to Yuri and expresses his interest at them. Yuri, however, answers with a cocky request to obey her orders.

As the tension rises, Hinata sighs and he looks at the sunny sky above him.