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The confrontation between Yuri and the gunman continues.

The man demanded Yuri to take revenge on Angel by killing her; Yuri points out how things work in the afterlife and he tells them that he knows about it. He also assures that he will follow Yuri's orders. The man then suggests digging a deep hole to bury Angel when they manage to kill her, a hole deep enough so that she will not be able to escape easily. However, Hinata and Ooyama realize that it would be an arduous task.

But with their backs at gunpoint, even Yuri has no choice but to follow.

Soon, they find themselves doing a contest on which of them would finish first; they later realize that they are doing things the wrong way as they are digging a hole each when they are supposed to dig just one. Soon, the three argue about which hole is to be used to continue with the digging task. In the end, Yuri's hole was chosen, despite having a diameter the size of a basketball.

As Ooyama and Hinata toil below the surface, Yuri goes to watch the armed man, who was walking around. Some time later, he manages to doze off.

The two stop working and Yuri and Hinata plan on stealing the gun from him.

On the hill where the gunman is sleeping, Yuri swipes the gun from his hand and hit his head with it, announcing that the tables are turned in their favor. However, the man is still calmly talking to them. Soon, on his hand emerges yet another gun, and gunshots were fired. Yuri is forced to retreat; with Hinata taking a shot on his shoulder, she and Hinata escape with Ooyama into the forest, where it is already dark.

On a dark patch of forest, the three discuss what happened earlier. Yuri is clearly in a state of shock after firing a gun for the first time; Ooyama is confused, while Hinata is still at pain from his injury. As Yuri is still speechless, Hinata suggests to look for the source of the guns; Yuri manages to talk back, and she insists about letting him join their side. Both Hinata and Ooyama are surprised by her proposition, but wasn't expecting the following remark from her:

"I want to challenge him to a classic duel. Mano y mano."

Hinata protested about her guts to face a person like the gunman, but instead, receives a hit from Yuri's kick. Soon, another argument rose between the two, with Ooyama becoming their mediator. Soon, Yuri adds another shocking suggestion to her plan: making Angel the judge.

Both Hinata and Ooyama are left shocked.

Hunger soon caught up with them and Hinata snatches some bread to ease their stomachs. However, another look at the environment around him was making him uneasy, as they seem vulnerable to an ambush. Yuri sternly assures him that they'll make it into the next day, and with that, they decide to rest for tomorrow.

The next day, Hinata and Ooyama return to the cafeteria to get something to eat. After that, Yuri appears to fetch them and they follow her to one classroom. There, the Student Council President sits quietly on her seat. Yuri boldly approaches and tells her demands; Angel agrees and adds that Yuri and the man she is planning to duel will sit with her while having a cup of tea if Yuri loses.

The agreement is complete, and Yuri heads off to make the invitation letter in the Calligraphy Club room. After that, she borrows a bow from the Archery Club and with that, uses an arrow to deliver the letter to the gunman.

With that, the preparations are complete.

Some time later, the time of the duel has arrived.

Yuri's enemy arrives where Hinata and Ooyama are, taking the latter hostage, and questions the presence of Angel in such an event; Hinata acts innocent about the unexpected character and threatens that whatever the gunman would do will be noticed by Yuri and Angel. The gunman quits the hostage taking and approaches Yuri, who in fact anticipates what happened earlier.

The duel soon begins, and suddenly, when they face each other for the moment to strike, Angel deflects the gunman's bullet and Yuri gets to fire hers to the enemy. Hinata and Ooyama rejoice, and although Angel wanted to proclaim her victory, she yields.

Angel then invites everyone, including the gunman, into her dormitory room, where she prepares tea as promised. The gunman then introduces himself as Chaa and he starts to tell more about why he is in the afterlife, particularly his life that seemed to end when her beloved wife left him after their promise to look for utopia made for the two of them. Yuri then assures her that he is not alone in this world, and he begins to sob.

Yuri then takes the time when Angel leaves for more tea to investigate. As she searches through Angel's closet, she finds something...