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Inside the gymnasium, Yuri and Chaa mercilessly pound Hinata with countless spikes in a volleyball match Yuri organized. Despite Hinata's complaints about his current situation, Yuri points out that the experience is an important exercise. She is also interested to find out if the swimsuit they found in Angel's closet -- a skirted bikini that she's wearing on the match -- would give her superpowers. Hinata is not optimistic about it.

Yuri calls the match quits, and she asks Chaa about how he has obtained a gun in the afterlife. Chaa agrees to tell them, and after a change of clothes, they head off to a mountainside with Ooyama tagging along, where a large hole leading inside is located. Hinata is reluctant to head inside, but decides to join nonetheless.

Inside, Chaa leads them into a room with a simple light bulb and a chair and table occupying the room. According to Chaa, it was his sentry post and the road extends further inside. Chaa then picks up some clay blocks and fashioned it into a needle; soon it turned into something made out of iron, much to Yuri's amazement. He explains that his ability of making iron objects out of clay was discovered only by accident and the necessity to add metal nails on a house he planned to build.

Yuri is interested to learn how to make metal, and thus opens a challenge against Ooyama and Hinata to make one.

After two hours, only Yuri succeeded.

Soon, the topic shifts to how to shape clay into a gun. Chaa explains that one needs to memorize each of the many parts making up a gun, and it needs 170 hours of work to make just one gun. Yuri soon points to the door leading elsewhere and asks everyone to explore some more.

Chaa reveals to them that the place they are in extends to 22 levels underground, and even he had to quit exploring due lack of supplies. With that, Yuri assigns Hinata to get some supplies for the journey.

Hinata returns with food, drinks and flashlights. He returns to the room where Chaa demonstrated his abilities and saw an ecstatic Yuri holding on to a pinwheel she made out of clay. She then focuses to the unexplored terrain ahead and starts the journey, a long passageway that no one even Chaa knows where it exactly leads to.

A few descents after that, they hear a loud roar from a distance followed by tremors. They try to communicate, but to no avail. Chaa then decides to walk ahead and check out for himself who they are up against.

Then, they discover that someone has cut up Ooyama's limbs and he is in desperate help. Hinata tries to reconnect Ooyama's body parts with his eyes closed while Yuri negotiate with a stranger, who is restrained by Chaa. He tells them about a "dungeon boss" that he had to beat for the game to end. Yuri persuades him that it is not true -- and it worked perfectly for him. The stranger later introduces himself as Noda, and when Yuri asks him to join beating the underground boss, he agrees and breaks off from the pack.

Later on, Ooyama has recovered, but as Hinata expected, he developed scotophobia from the ordeal he faced earlier. They descended and Chaa tells them that they just reached the 27th level. Noda soon realizes that his mission and Yuri's are clashing, and Yuri is successful in making him face the truth, along with the fact that he is not the protagonist he is expecting to be. He then leaves them yet again.

Yuri ignores him and plans to move on, but is somehow disturbed by Hinata's attitude. She pointed out that he has changed since Chaa joined the group and assumes that Hinata is jealous of him; Hinata denies Yuri's accusations, but Chaa just advises him to stop being sensitive.

In one room they discovered in the 27th level, they decided to take a break and eat. As Yuri and Chaa chat talk to each other, Hinata realizes that he might be really jealous of Yuri. Soon, another thought enters his mind: the fact that they have an ally running around. He tries to tell Yuri to look for Noda, but she rejects his offer. Chaa, however, decides to support Hinata's proposal.

Hinata then decides to pair up with Chaa while Yuri goes with Ooyama go together. To him, Yuri's survival and retrieving Noda is more important. Yuri protests, and Chaa changes things around again.

After some useless chatter, Chaa and Ooyama forms a team while Yuri and Hinata goes to look for Noda.

Soon, Yuri and Hinata reach what seems like the last floor. It is a large depression made up of unpaved soil. In the middle is a girl sitting on a throne. Yuri taunts the girl -- the "final boss" -- to speak, and they are answered by the phrase "How shallow-minded". Yuri tries to converse with the girl, but aside from the remark she said earlier, she no longer spoke.

Instead, she takes off her cloak, revealing a sword, and in a flash, she lunges at the two.