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Hinata finds him and his companions in a difficult predicament. The mysterious girl they found after a 30-floor descent into an underground complex has launched an attack, and it is something that none of them even expected. Nonetheless, he tried to talk his way through their problem. However, a close shave from the girl's katana shocked even Yuri, and they are forced to stay back.

Yuri and Hinata argued over their next move. Yuri plans on using a surprise attack, but Hinata points out that such a move is useless against someone who can move at inhuman speeds. Yuri still launches her attack anyway, and Hinata can't do anything but try to interrupt her attacks. Although Hinata manages to keep Yuri out of harm's way, he notices that his diversionary maneuvers are causing him to move further away from Yuri.

Although hesitant at first, Hinata puts his life on the line by acting as bait for Yuri. It appears to work, as the enemy's face shows her killing intent. At that time, Hinata is convinced that they can make it out alive as long as Ooyama and the others show up in time.

Unfortunately, that moment did not come for him.

The enemy strikes her katana all over Hinata's body. Hinata did not feel any pain during the onslaught, but when Yuri finally spoke to him, he realizes that he has lost much of his body on the attack; both arms, one leg and part of his chin, to be exact. Hinata, dazed from the loss of blood, receives the last few hits from the enemy until he lost his vision.

When he regains consciousness, he feels that his body was being dragged by someone. In fact, it is Yuri, and she is speaking about them retreating. After finally realizing the extent of injuries he acquired during the mysterious girl's attacks, he listens to Yuri as she expresses her regret for what happened.

Then, Yuri falls to the ground. Hinata thinks that someone has gotten to Yuri as well. As he thinks about comforting Yuri at that moment, he slowly drifts away from consciousness...

Hinata soon finds himself in a dream. He and Yuri are on opposite sides of a swing, and Yuri is talking to him, appearing to not hear his voice. Yuri talks to him about the satisfying feeling around her, and she tells him that that feeling is all she needs. Hinata then realizes... that happiness is the thing that makes her strong, and he must do his best to smile for her sake.

Then, as Yuri tells to him that she will go over and wait for him, and as everything around him becomes a tightrope between life and death, Hinata walks towards her...

...And he holds Yuri's hand.

Hinata discovers that he can speak, and he used this to comfort Yuri. He also finds out that the limbs he lost earlier has now fully healed themselves back, and stands up, finding himself in a place where light is nowhere to be found.

Soon, he feels a painful sensation on his stomach. He is stabbed. Hinata holds on to the blade the pierced him, determined that the attacker is just in front of him, and pushed forward. In spite of his injury, he manages to take the enemy down, although his injuries worsen, and before he could lose consciousness again, Hinata puts the attacker in a headlock with his elbows.

Hinata sees himself inside another dream. This time, they are inside a giant revolving globe-like frame. Yuri invites him to join along, and there she asks him about something. Instead of saying a single word, Hinata approached her and muttered a promise to be with her...

Upon waking up from the dream, Hinata sees Chaa, Ooyama and Noda. Before answering any of the dozens of questions in his head, he asks about the enemy that had attacked him twice. He finds out from Ooyama that the attacker was not related to Angel in any way, and is just a normal human. Chaa also manages to restrain their enemy a short distance away from them.

Soon, the topic shifts to Noda's escape earlier, and there, he blames Chaa's declaration of being Yuri's husband for this decision to run away. As a commotion starts to brew, Hinata finds himself thinking of the dreams he had when he was hurt. He wonders why he was being too distant from Yuri, so he decides to close the gap at that moment.

Hinata then takes the pinwheel Yuri made at Chaa's house and blows some air onto it, causing it to turn. Yuri soon notices him and eventually agrees to play with the pinwheel she made. At that moment, Hinata is relieved to see Yuri smile.

Ooyama then interrupts their moment and things turn back to normal. He reports to Yuri that Noda has ran away again, and after Chaa went to chase after him, the mysterious girl disappeared as well. As for Ooyama, he was just watching over their rations; it warranted him a slap in the face from Yuri.

Yuri becomes frantic and runs off, and Ooyama and Hinata followed, like a slave that follows his laborer.