May 2009

  • (May 27, 2009) Angel Beats Anime Project Green-Lit! - An announcement from the July issue of the Dengeki G magazine reveals that the Angel Beats! anime project from animation studio Key (Clannad and Kanon) and writer Jun Maeda has been green lit. For additional info, check out the complete Anime News Network article.


March 2010

  • (March 15, 2010) Chartfag Releases Unofficial Anime Lineup for Spring 2010! - Chartfag, an anime blogger who regularly posts release dates for anime series segregated per season, releases the lineup of anime shows (including OVAs and movies) for Spring 2010. Angel Beats is included into the list, with its tentative release date at April 3. For the complete roster of series for Spring 2010, click here. (Note that the link provided is for the latest version, with more updated information.)
  • (March 31, 2010) Angel Beats! Creator Jun Maeda Interviewed - Jun Maeda, the creator of the Angel Beats! multimedia project and founder of its animation studio Key goes on an interview which explores on his work before and during the showing of the anime series of Angel Beats! To read out about the interview, click here. (Please note that the linked site contains some explicit material.)

April 2010

  • (April 24, 2010) Welcome! - The Angel Beats Wiki is officially open!

May 2010

  • (May 3, 2010) Angel Beats Update: Track Zero Chapters Available - With the help of the AnimeSuki community, the prequel novel of the anime series Angel Beats! entitled Angel Beats! -Track Zero- will now have their respective chapter summary articles.
    To start reading about Chapter 01, click here.
  • (May 10, 2010) Angel Beats! Episode 06 Gets Record High Ratings - According to Dengeki Online, Episode 6 of the Angel Beats! anime series gets a record high rating of 4.9% on MBS, a station based in Osaka. (Source is found here.)
  • (May 22, 2010) Girls Dead Monster Singles Now Out - According to the official site of Angel Beats!, the fictional band featured in the series officially gets three new singles containing their songs "Crow Song", "Alchemy", "My Song", and "Thousand Enemies" along with additional songs not yet heard from the anime series.

June 2010

  • (June 26, 2010) The Multimedia Project is Still Far from Over! [UPDATE!] - With the anime series just recently concluded, many fans would assume that this will be the last time they would appear in animated detail. However, there has been an announcement that there will be an unaired episode to be released on the last volume of Angel Beats! in Blu-Ray. Its release date will be on December 22, 2010.

July 2010

  • Special One-Time One-Night-Only Angel Beats! Event Held - Last July 31, an event entitled "Angel Beats! Fes. ~Thousand Bravers~" was hosted to commemorate the success of the Angel Beats! anime series. Much of the main cast's seiyuu and performances by singers like LiA and karuta are part of the festival, along with realizations of selected aspects of the anime.
    A video in Youtube shows the advertisement for the said event.
    Thanks to this blog for clearing out most of the details.

September 2010

  • (September 28, 2010) Alternate Conclusion to Angel Beats! To Be Bundled with 7th DVD/BluRay Release - Anime magazine Dengeki G's has revealed that Volume 7 of the DVD and BluRay release of Angel Beats! will include a different version of the "C portion" of the last episode. Source: here.

October 2010

  • (October 30, 2010) Girls Dead Monster to Launch Final Concert - After almost a year of music from the all-girls band introduced in Angel Beats!, Girls Dead Monster shall play on stage for the last time. The final concert will be entitled "Girls Dead Monster Last Live - Final Operation" and it will be held on December 27, 2010 in Tokyo International Forum Hall A. Source: Link

November 2010

  • (November 12, 2010) Girls Dead Monster Releases Last Singles - On December 8, Angel Beats!-exclusive band Girls Dead Monster will release their last two singles entitled Last Song and Ichiban no Takaramono ~Yui Final ver.~, performed by Iwasawa and Yui respectively. Source: Link
  • (November 21, 2010) Angel Beats! Scriptwriter Working on Possible Game Adaptation - Confirmation from the Twitter account of Visual Art's/Key president Takahiro Baba reveals that Angel Beats! scriptwriter Jun Maeda is working on a scenario for a possible game adaptation of the Angel Beats! anime series. However, he warns that the game is still in its planning stages and will not be green-lit until half a year after. Source: Link


April 2012

  • (April 15, 2012) Angel Beats! Visual Novel Confirmed? - An Angel Beats! visual novel had previously only been speculated and expressed as a project that Visual Arts’ president would enjoy working on – yet now, an Angel Beats! visual novel is currently said to be moving along nicely, interestingly however is that the game hasn’t been explicitly announced as an upcoming title, rather, it was just said to be progressing, and nothing further was shared. This could mean a game is indeed in the works – or like Dengeki, Visual Arts’ may simply be taking otaku for a needless hype spiral of rage. Two events to keep in mind, Visual Arts’ is planning an extravaganza for their 20th anniversary in July – and Dengeki is to have their own a few months earlier in May. A visual novel is splendid in itself – although that could be a branch for more projects to come, ideally animated ones, not PVC based. Source: Link


February 2013

  • (February 5, 2013) Key Head: Progress on Potential Angel Beats Game - Takahiro Baba, president of Visual Art's/Key hints on Twitter of new developments being made before summer of 2013. Jun Maeda is the center of the project, as Maeda is "always at the center of Key". October of previous year Baba acknowledged the game adaptation of the series, but it is at the stage where it still not ready to be officially announced. Source: Link

June 2013

  • (June 24, 2013) Angel Beats Game Update - Takahiro Baba, in a previous tweet mentioning that updates on a potential Angel Beats game will be announced before summer, however he now mentions in a tweet dated June 5, 2013 that the updates will come AFTER summer. Source: Link

August 2013

  • (August 29, 2013) Possible Game to Be Released Next Year - Takahiro Baba responded to a trending hashtag on Twitter last Wednesday, August 22 indicating that the possible upcoming Angel Beats game is a "social game".  Source: Link
    • Speculation arises amongst fans that this MIGHT NOT be the Visual Novel, or that the game in production is not a Visual Novel altogether, but there hasn't been any further official statements regarding the identity of the game so far.

September 2013

  • (September 27, 2013) OVA of Angel Beats to Be Aired in Japan - Broadcasting station TBS posted on their website the schedule of the TV airing of the OVA. It was initially bundled exclusively with the DVD releases, but now will be airing in October 5, 2013.  The OVA entitled "Stairway to Heaven" is a special episode about the SSS undergoing "Operation High Tension Syndrome". Source: Link
  • (September 27, 2013) More Details on Angel Beats! Game On Next Dengeki G Issue - An image of the cover page of the upcoming November issue of Dengeki G magazine promises game specifics according to website SeventhStyle. Source: Link
  • (September 27, 2013) Prospective Release Date and Details Of Upcoming Game - Information posted on revealed the release of the game sometime in Spring 2014, with the platform exclusively on the PC and consists of 7 volumes released separately. Source: Link (Japanese)
    • Special thanks to Wetchan for the tip and translation
  • (November 29, 2013) Official Website of the Angel Beats Visual Novel Is Published - Information posted on the Angel Beats FB fan page mentions that the webpage will be available to the public by the end of December. Source: Link
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