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Angel Player

The main screen of Angel Player

Angel Player is a technologically advanced computer program that exists only in the Afterlife. It contributed to the creation of Kanade Tachibana's Guard Skill abilities and was responsible for the manifestation of the Shadows through NPCs.


"As you're already aware, it's software that lets you create material and transform it." The AI says about Angel Player in Episode 12.


The Angel Player program itself was created by The Programmer who arrived in the Afterlife long ago, using many computers he had stole from the nearby Computer Lab. After creating a makeshift server room underneath the Afterlife School's Library, he began to work on the program and eventually finished after some time. After integrating certain systems into the afterlife, he later used this to turn himself into an NPC after he turned insane.


Some time after the creation of the Angel Player program, a student by the name of Kanade Tachibana discovered the program and became the first user of the program. She used the program to create Guard Skills to battle against troublemakers.

In Episode 12, Yuri sees the program having a maximum of 4GB. The SSS did not know of it until Episode 3 that Takeyama managed to hack into Kanade's computer, which at first listed the abilities Hand Sonic, Distortion, Harmonics, and Delay. The program is thought to be of North American descent, since the Angel Player Manual's text is fully written in English.

It is unknown if the program has any limitations or boundaries.

It remains a mystery, that even the Anime fails to explain, on why The Programmer would write the entire Angel Player program entirely in English, even though the Afterlife is based off a Japanese high school and the majority of the students do not know the language.

List of abilities created by Angel Player[]

  • Hand Sonic (Versions 1-5)
  • Distortion
  • Timewait / Echo
  • Harmonics
  • Delay
  • Overdrive
  • Absorb
  • Howling
  • Active
  • Wings (Aesthetic)
  • "Sonic Rotation"
  • "Shadow"/Reset
  • Angel Wings