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Anti-Angel Headquarters

Last scene of Anti-Angel Headquarters with belongings left by passed on members of SSS.

The Anti-Angel Headquarters is the base and safest place for all operation discussion for SSS . It is set to such a name since episode 1 as SSS refers Angel as an enemy and if she were to ever found out about this place, SSS would be in grave danger.


Yuri on wall

Yuri the "Principal" of Afterlife School

In fact, the Anti-Angel Headquarters is actually the Principal's Office. It is a squarish office with a large wooden desk and a tall computer chair which is right in front of the double door. Two single-seat sofas, one triple-seat and a coffee table can be seen in front of the desk. A few cupboards and paintings can be seen at the corners of the room. Photos of past and "present" (who is actually Yuri) principals are hung around the windows at the back of the principal's desk.


This section contains content from Heaven's Door.

Take-over Operation[]


Overview of the battle plan

With the first members of SSS, the take-over of the Principal's office was the battlefront's first large-scale operation. By this time, Hinata, Yuri, Ooyama, Noda, Chaa, Shiina, Iwasawa and Hisako were the current members. While Iwasawa and Hisako were to perform their first guerilla concert, Shiina and Chaa were also tasked divert attention using Shiina's dexterity and Chaa's frightening appearance. Hinata, Yuri and Ooyama themselves secured the location, distracting the faculty members and transferring the seats. Noda served as guard for the diversionary forces as the actual transfer takes place.   

The Ever-changing Paintings[]

Fans could have noticed it that at every episode the paintings hung in the room changes their words. Most notable would be the one nearest to the door where Shiina and Noda always stand next to.

Note: "Back" refers to the one nearest to the door. "Front" refers to the one to the right when everyone faces Yuri/projector screen during briefings. "Side" refers to the bigger painting on the left when everyone faces Yuri/projector screen.

Episode 1[]

Ep 1-back1

Ep1 - Back

Ep 1-front1

Ep 1 - Front

Ep 1-side1

Ep 1 - Side

Episode 2[]

Ep 2 - back1

Ep 2 - Back

Ep 2-front1

Ep 2 - Front

Ep 2-side1

Ep 2 - Side

Episode 3[]

Ep 3 - back1

Ep 3 - Back

Ep 3-front1

Ep 3 - Front

Ep 3-side1

Ep 3 - Side

Episode 4[]

Ep 4-back1

Ep 4 - Back

Ep 4-side (opening)

Ep 4 - Side (at opening theme)

Ep 4-side1

Ep 4 - Side