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Brave Song
Singer Aoi Tada (Original version)
LiSA (Girls Dead Monster version)
Lyric Jun Maeda
Music Jun Maeda
Arrangement ANANT-GARDE EYES (Original version)
Hikarishūyo (Girls Dead Monster version)

  Brave Song is the closing theme song for the anime Angel Beats!. It is included in a single with the opening theme song "My Soul, Your Beats".

Vocals: Aoi Tada (Original version), LiSA (Girls Dead Monster version)


The song is about a girl who tries to be brave (thus the title) by hiding her tears and being strong amidst the problems. As the song progresses, the girl is to travel along the way, enduring hardships and in the end, she finds her friends waiting for her. Ironically, as the song draws its end, she broods over the thoughts of pessimism, the possibility of losing her friends and returning to the lonely girl she's trying to keep herself from being.

In the closing credits, Yuri is shown, being surrounded by the other members of SSS, as the entire cast completes. As the story progresses, the cast changes accordingly, applying any changes that happened in that episode, like Iwasawa's disappearance and her corresponding disappearance from the credits. As of the 13th episode, the entire cast is revealed, with the other members of the SSS who have disappeared.



Rōmaji Translation[]

English Translation[]

Itsumo hitori de aruiteta
Furikaeru to minna wa tooku
Sore demo atashi wa aruita
Sore ga tsuyosa datta
Mou nani mo kowakunai
Sou tsubuyaite miseru

I was always walking alone
When I looked back, everyone was far away
Nevertheless, I walked on
That was my strength
I'm not afraid of anything anymore
Or so I whisper to show you
Itsuka hito wa hitori ni natte
Omoide no naka ni ikiteku dake
Kodoku sae aishi waratterareru yori
Atashi wa tatakaun'da
Namida nante misenain'da
Eventually, everyone becomes alone
And only live on within memories
So that I can even love and laugh at loneliness
I'll fight
I won't show my tears
Itsumo hitori de aruiteta
Iku saki ni wa gake ga matteta
Sore demo atashi wa aruita
Tsuyosa no shoumei no tame
Fukitsukeru tsuyoi kaze
Ase de shatsu ga haritsuku
I was always walking alone
A cliff was waiting for me at my destination
Nevertheless, I walked on
For the proof of my strength
A strong wind blows against me
My shirt sticks to me with sweat
Itsuka wasurete shimaeru nara
Ikiru koto sore wa tayasui mono
Bougyaku no kanata e to ochite iku nara
Sore wa nigeru koto darou
Ikita imi sura kieru darou
If I end up being able to forget it someday
Then living - It's just a simple thing
If I fall into the yonder of oblivion
That's running away, right?
Even the meaning of having lived will vanish, right?
Kaze wa yagate naideta
Ase mo kawaite
Onaka ga suite kita na
Nani ka attakke
Nigiyaka na koe to tomo ni
Ii nioi ga yatte kita
The wind soon calmed down
My sweat dried, too
And I felt hungry
Did something happen, hm?
A nice scent came along
With lively voices
Itsumo hitori de aruiteta
Minna ga matte ita
I was always walking alone
Everyone was waiting for me
Itsuka hito wa hitori ni natte
Omoide no naka ni ikiteku dake
Sore demo ii yasuraka na kono kimochi wa
Sore wo nakama to yobun'da
Someday, people will be alone
And only live on within memories
Even so, that's okay
I call my peaceful feelings 'friends'

Itsuka minna to sugoshita hibi
Mo wasurete doko ka de ikiteru yo
Sono toki wa mou tsuyoku nanka nai yo
Futsuu no onna no ko no
Yowasa de namida wo kobosu yo

Someday, I'll forget the days I spent with everyone
And be living elsewhere
By then, I won't be strong anymore
With the weakness of an ordinary girl
I'll shed tears


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  • The song is dedicated to Yuri, according to some fans of the series. At first, it can't be proven because it requires the story to reach the last episode for the analysis to begin without excessive speculation, but by the 12th episode, it is clearer as to whom the song pertains to.
  • Since it's dedicated to Yuri, the ironic lyric of the song (where the girl brood over the possibility of losing friends) is become clear. As after the shadow incident, Yuri decided to fight alone to keep other SSS members safe. But in Episode 12, Yuri's true feelings are revealed: that she loves everyone in SSS deeply, and want nothing else but to stay by their side.
  • There is a YouTube video which plays the visual portion of the credits in reverse, and it is used by fans to guess which character will disappear first. It did not live up to its purpose, but a similar concept was used in the last episode's closing credits, with the song "My Most Precious Treasure" playing as the last ending theme song for the series.
  • The beginning verses of the song were used during Episode 2 while showing Noda get hit by a pendulum hammer trap on their way to The Guild and the exam period in Episode 5 while showing Hinata and Takamatsu being rocketed into the ceiling in slow motion. This was to add more of a comedic effect.