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Chaa (チャー, Chaa) acts as the supplier of weapons that the SSS uses. Despite looking like a middle-aged man, he is about the same age as Otonashi and the others attending the Afterlife School.[3] He is the leader of the Guild, which makes weapons out of dirt based on memories of Guild members when they were alive. However, if they have never seen a weapon before, the weapon will not work or will explode catastrophically. He is the fourth member to join the SSS.


As his appearance suggests, he likes acting toughly and unfriendly. He is behind the first armed revolt that Yuri experienced and taught her that it was possible to bring firearm weapons into the Afterlife world, such as handguns, grenades, rocket launchers, etc. He was hostile to Yuri at first but she managed to get him to cooperate with her, despite having been a threat to her even greater than Angel herself, since he had firearms, and would not hold back at all in any way. Yuri feared him even to the extent of considering burying him alive in order to make him unable to escape.


In later events, he eventually loses the team which he has worked on for the entirety of his stay as the leader of Guild and for some time, falls into lethargy; however, he manages to give Yuri the last gun he has crafted before disappearing.

It was revealed that in his life he had a wife, while he was attending high school. They both had left their families and friends to be together. Along the way they separated and died. Yuri reminds Chaa of his wife.

Due to his knowledge of firearms it is possible that he had intimate knowledge of weapons prior to his death suggesting that either he or his parents has some military training in weaponry.

In the manga, he was the one who showed Yuri, Ooyama and Hinata how he got his gun by moulding clay into a single metal part. He told them he moulded clay into individual parts based on knowledge of the gun's structure, and assembling them. This consequently led to greater production of such weaponry, to the point of arming SSS members as seen in the anime.


  • In the manga he was shown without a beard.
  • In the manga, he was shot in the head by Yuri twice, during Yuri accidentally firing an arrow to his head and during the gun shot duel.



  1. As of May 2021, there has not been any official source for any character's date of birth, or age.
  2. This height comes from a settei sheet of the cast that has been examined by this wiki's administrators. The sheet hasn't been uploaded publicly yet, but will be linked to once it has. Only Otonashi, Kanade and Yuri had their heights explicitly mentioned. Everyone else is a close estimation of their height. All heights were originally in metric but converted to feet and inches.