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The school bell rings.

While returning to class, Otonashi wonders about who will he help "move on" next. As he passes by one of the outdoor corridors of the school, he encounters Hinata and Naoi,who despite fighting against each other has the same plans: to meet up with Otonashi... and help him in his plans for everyone to move on. However, there is still friction between Hinata and Naoi, and soon, as Naoi talks about his intent to help out, a large silhouette forms behind him and attacks.

The shadowy creature tries to possess Naoi's body, but thanks to Otonashi, he manages to escape its grip. The creature then changes targets, charging towards Hinata and Otonashi. Hinata tries to fend off the creature using his pistol, but it appears as if it was unhurt by the attack. Fortunately, a teamed effort by Otonashi and Hinata was successful.

Meanwhile, the events that unfolded was clearly recorded by Yusa, who relays it to Yuri. Yuri threw away her assumption about its origins, as Kanade's newest weapon, and decides to treat it as a new threat. She orders everyone else to form teams of at least two to defend themselves more easily, and for the first time, personally calls Kanade to the Student Council Office.

In the middle of the meeting, Naoi, accompanied with Hinata and Otonashi, goes to talk to Yuri about excluding the two from the mission. Yuri agrees and she then talks to Kanade about the possible origins of the shadow Otonashi encountered earlier. Because Kanade admits that she has last programmed the day before yesterday, Yuri asks for permission to investigate in her dormitory room. With Kanade's permission, Takeyama goes to investigate.

When Yuri asks what was the thing she last programmed, Kanade's answer was straight to the point: Wings.

She told Yuri that despite being a decoration, she was told that it would make her look more angelic. Otonashi feels that his cover would be blown, but Naoi luckily covers for him, telling Yuri that it was his idea.

Soon, Takeyama calls Yuri for his report on Kanade's program. Takeyama did not find any bugs from the newest addition to the program, and the previous programs are minimally changed.

Then, Hinata hears the sound of gunfire. At first Yuri did not believe it, but when everyone hears the shot clearly, things become more tense. As they rush outside to look for the source of the gunshots, Kanade unleashes her wings and leaps to the ground. Yuri then follows suit, using the building's features to acrobatically maneuver to the ground floor, then Otonashi.

Soon, the SSS finds themselves fighting a small army of shadows; with everyone equipped, they fight the shadows and after a long battle, they defeated all of the enemies.

As the SSS rest in place after a tough struggle, Yuri wonders if they have stayed in the afterlife for too long. Otonashi is confused at her remark, then Yuri explains that there comes a time when invincible monsters appear to avoid infinite game time. Otonashi does not feel good with that remark.

Then from nowhere, they heard someone call out to them; it was Fujimaki, and with fear in his face, he tells the SSS that Takamatsu has been done in.

The SSS goes to check out the place where he was attacked and they saw his glasses; Ooyama then proceeds on explaining what happened: he last saw Takamatsu consumed by one of the shadows and dropped his glasses before being consumed by the ground.

Soon, they hear news of Takamatsu being found. When they rush to him, they found out that he has no memories of what happened. Hinata tries to talk him out of his supposed amnesia, but Yuri stops him and asks everyone to leave the classroom.

Elsewhere, Yuri gathers the primary members and talks to them about Takamatsu. She tells then that he is now an NPC and there is nothing they can do about it.

That night, she holds another meeting; this time, all of the members of the SSS are there. Yuri announces of the newest threat to their existence, and how it is entirely different with Kanade's approach. Also, she recognizes the plans of Otonashi, though at first indirectly, but sees this as a viable option to survive the shadows.

Then, Yuri opens the stage for Otonashi to explain his view on the situation.

Some members do not accept his proposal as it was the complete opposite of what they believed in. Hinata goes to support Otonashi, telling that Yui has found her way out of the afterlife. Naoi then voices out his support as well, telling the rest that Otonashi was the one who made him realize how human he is.

In the end, the other members turn to Yuri's opinion; she then speaks out and tells them that she only does what she wants and protecting them is not part of it.

Although most of the SSS is confused, Yuri tells them that they should decide while time is still plenty. With that, she dismisses the meeting.

After the SSS leaves, Yuri meets up with Otonashi, Hinata, Naoi and Kanade outside.

She tells Otonashi that she needs Kanade to take down the shadows and for the first time, acknowledges the power of the same person who was the enemy of the SSS for a long time. Also, Yuri admits that she knows that Kanade is not an angel, but a human like them. The three are shocked at this revelation, though Naoi tries to hide it.

Otonashi then puts the blame on the SSS for referring to her as "Angel" when she is not and is reminded of Kanade's answer when they first met: "I'm not an angel." With that, his urge to find out why Kanade is still here rises up. Although Yuri is not able to tell him why she is staying in the afterlife, Otonashi assures Kanade that she will eventually move on like the rest.

Yuri then tells everyone that she needs to check up on something, something which would involve her fighting the shadows again. She also acknowledges that there will be people who will still follow her, but she decides to move alone, as she wants everyone else to move on before her. Before she could leave, Hinata tells her that he will worry, especially since he and Yuri founded the SSS together.

Their emotional moment was interrupted by a call from elsewhere, announcing an attack is in place.

Yuri tells Kanade to handle things while she's away, and prepares to leave, only to be interrupted by Hinata's call of her nickname. She comments on it being a bad nickname, but also tells him that it might be the reason why so many people follow her.

As she leaves, the rest of the SSS dwell on their personal spaces and thinks about what Yuri told them earlier.

Noda thinks about Yuri, clutching a picture of her on his hand.

TK performs alone with the moves of Michael Jackson perfectly imitated, the moonlight becoming his spotlight.

Fujimaki prays silently by the stairs.

Ōyama sits by one of the classrooms, and tries to be brave.

Yusa, Sekine, Hisako and Irie contemplate on the same spot where Iwasawa disappeared, with her guitar sitting alongside Yui's.

Shiina stays inside the storage room where she usually stays, with a sad smile on her face as she is surrounded by her favorite toys.

Takeyama decides to consume his time on his laptop, finishing what appears to be a blog entry.

Meanwhile, Yuri stays alone in the headquarters, preparing the weapons she needs. Her mind is still filled with the images of an NPC being transformed into one of the shadows, and thinks that they can still be reprogrammed, like how Kanade programs her Guard Skills. She then suspects Angel Player to the same program responsible for the transformations. With the hardware needed to handle such a procedure, Yuri heads off to the library.

Inside one of the computer rooms inside, she encounters an elderly man who is using one of the computers. She suspects it to be the controller of the shadows, but she later takes back the allegation when he seems to be just one of the custodians, setting up new computers for students to use as someone always breaks in and steals some units.

When the old man leaves, she decides to break in and investigate.

At that time, she suspects the thief taking the units in the library might be using them to interfere with the NPCs. After a few minutes of searching, she finds a secret passage hidden within the tiled floor of the computer room. And upon a quick look around, she finds herself going inside Guild again.



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Unanswered Questions[]

  • It is unknown what caused the "Reset" program to activate, and Shadows to suddenly appear in the Afterlife. It is mostly likely possible that it was activated shortly after Yui disappeared in Episode 10.
  • It is unknown how Naoi found out that Otonashi wants to help everyone disappear in the beginning of the episode.



There are two different version of the same episode. TBS being 24 minutes, the others being 26 minutes. The former play "Brave Song" in the mid section of the episode, while the latter play at the end of the episode.