Crow Song is an insert song for the first episode of the anime series Angel Beats. It is performed by Girls Dead Monster in the anime series, and is sung by Iwasawa's singing voice actor. It is included in the album "Girls Dead Monster: Keep the Beats!" which features most of the band's performances. In the manga, it was the first song Iwasawa wrote.

VocalsMasami Iwasawa from Girls Dead Monster.


Lyrics[edit | edit source]

Romaji Translation[edit | edit source]

English Translation[edit | edit source]

Haigo ni wa shattaa no kabe
Yubisaki wa tetsu no nioi
Susume hajike dono michi komu desho
Find a way koko kara
There’s a wall of shutters behind me.
My fingertips smell like iron.
Move ahead! Strum those strings! It’s crowded, at any rate.
Find a way from here.
Found out mitsukeru
Rock o kanadero
Tooku o misuero
Ikitsugi sae dekinai machi no naka
You’ll find what you’re looking for.
Play some rock
Gaze into the distance
Inside this city where you can’t even take a breather.
Hoshizora ga saikou no butai
Karasutachi kaakaa to naku yo
Itsumo omou yo itsu neteru n daro
The starry sky is the best stage of them all.
The crows cry out, “Caw, caw”.
I’m always thinking of them. I wonder when they’ll go to sleep.
Find a way atashi mo
Song for utau yo
Rock o hibikase
Crow to utau yo
Find a way – I will too,
In a song for me to sing out.
Making rock echo
With the crows, I’ll sing out.
Itsu made konna tokoro ni iru
Sou iu yatsu mo ita ki ga suru
Urusai koto dake iu no nara
Shikkoku no hane ni sarawarete kiete kure
How long will I exist in this place?
I feel like there were people who once said that.
If you’re only going to say annoying things,
Let the jet black wings carry you away and just disappear.
Zenryoku de mou taoresou da
Yubi mo surikirete itai
Demo ne yaru yo konya mo biggu na sutoorii
With all my power, I’m about to collapse.
My fingers are worn out and in pain,
But, still, I’ll perform. Tonight will be a big story.
Find a way koko kara
Found out mitsukeru
Rock o kanadero
Luck o utau yo
Find a way from here.
You’ll find what you’re looking for.
Let’s rock out and play on.
I’ll take my luck and sing it out.
Itsu made datte koko ni iru yo
Toorisugite iku hito no naka
Yami ni tozasareta suteeji de
Ima kibou no uta uta yo
No matter how long, I’ll exist here
Within all the people who pass through.
On this stage enclosed in the darkness,
I sing my poem of hope right now.

Anata datte tsukareteru deshou
Sono senaka ni mo todoketai yo
Konna kurayami no naka kara no
Kibou terasu hikari no uta o
Sono uta o

Even you must also be tired.
I want to send this to that back of yours -
From within the pitch darkness,
The song of light that gleams with hope…
Yes, that song…

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