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"Guild" is the second episode of the Angel Beats! anime series. It was first broadcast on April 10, 2010, with screenplay by Kousuke Kawazura and storyboard by Yoshimichi Hirai, who also handles the direction of the episode.

Otonashi is still adjusting to the afterlife, without any memories of his past life. He has joined the constantly name swapping Afterlife Battlefront in hopes of finding some reason for being in the afterlife without memories. He continues to meet new people and is continually forced to adjust to new ideas in the afterlife.


Since the SSS is low on gunpowder and other supplies, Yuri decides to lead several SSS members to the Guild far below the surface where SSS allies make the weapons the SSS uses, as it is possible to make things out of dirt as long as they know how. While the Guild initially disables various traps set for Angel, the SSS find them reactivated due to Angel's advance on the Guild. (Before Ōyama's death, he repeatedly reports to having forgot what traps were where).


Noda is killed first, having intercepted the others in the underground tunnel and challenging Otonashi again. He takes a step onto a hidden trap where a giant hammer swings down (much like the first episode) and knocks him into a wall, breaking several limbs and then being buried in rubble.

Later, walking through the tunnel, a giant boulder is released, and rolls after the SSS. While the others manage to avoid it, Takamatsu is chased down by it, inevitably crushing him.

In a closed room, a projection of several slicing lasers threaten to dice up everyone, but everyone save for Matsushita avoid it, as he couldn't due to his size.

Entering a large room, the ceiling starts to fall, but TK catches it and holds it up long enough for the remaining members to escape, saying casual farewells to TK as he is crushed.

Then, a large pitfall opens up, with Shiina barely saving everyone, except Ooyama, shouting 'I forgot' while falling to his death. Otonashi, at the bottom, climbs up to the top to help pull everyone to safety. Hinata climbs up, but is kicked down into the pit after touching Yuri in a wrong spot.

Fujimaki comments how Otonashi was lucky before, but will probably die in the next trap. In fact, Fujimaki dies due to his inability to swim and he drowns.

At an in-cave stream, a box with a puppy inside is floating towards the waterfall. Shiina, due to her love of cute things, jumps into it to save it, but it reveals the puppy is actually a wind up toy. Shiina then falls to her death down the waterfall, leaving Otonashi wondering what kind of trap it was.


Ending Scene

While taking a short rest, Yuri tells Otonashi how her three younger siblings were murdered after burglars entered their home while their parents were gone, which is Yuri's impetus for fighting against the cruel fate God gave her. By the time they arrive at the Guild, Angel is almost there, so Yuri decides to destroy the Guild with explosives. The Guild members, led by Chaa, decide to go along with Yuri's plan and relocate to the previous Guild location which has been out of use for a long time. When Angel arrives at the Guild, Yuri buys them time long enough to escape and make it to the old Guild where the Guild members immediately set to work.

New Characters[]