The Anime[edit | edit source]

Where can I watch?[edit | edit source]

At the time of writing, it was recently removed from Crunchyroll.[1] Depending on your location it may be available on Netflix.[2] If you are unable to find it on any other legitimate streaming services, the other option would be to torrent it or search on your preferred search engine.

The Manga[edit | edit source]

Where can I read it?[edit | edit source]

Heaven's Door has 11 volumes, all of them have been translated into English by fans. You can read them on Mangadex. You can read the entire thing here.

What happened to the official English releases?[edit | edit source]

Only volume 1 was officially translated and released in English. Wikipedia's article[3] suggests that volume 2-4 were also translated but so far have not been released. The reason for why they have not been released, or why any further volumes have not been officially translated remains unknown.

The Visual Novel[edit | edit source]

What happened to the visual novel?[edit | edit source]

The visual novel was meant to have a total of 6 volumes with the first being released in 2015[4]. As of March 2019, there has been no further information released at all about if any other other volumes are being made, when they will be released or if they will ever be released.

Is there an English translation of 1st Beat?[edit | edit source]

There was a fan group working on providing an English translation for 1st Beat[5]. In May 2016, Visual Arts announced it was working on an English translation and said "about half of it had been translated", but also gave no timeline for when it would be released[6]. As of August 2019, there has been no further news on the progress of an English translation.

Characters[edit | edit source]

How did Kanade die?[edit | edit source]

How Kanade died, or her life before dying, has never been explained. As she said in episode 13, she had a heart transplant. (to be continued)

Why is Kanade in the afterlife before Otonashi?[edit | edit source]

This has never been explained and remains a plot hole. A theory on reddit[7] suggests Angel Player brought Otonashi to the afterlife when he was needed, as it would have not have kept Kanade trapped in the afterlife (like The Programmer) waiting for him to eventually show up.

Other Communities[edit | edit source]

Are there any other Angel Beats communities out there?[edit | edit source]

Yes, there is a somewhat active community on reddit and an active community on Discord (invite link).

References[edit | edit source]

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