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Fujimaki (藤巻, Fujimaki) is one of the main members of the SSS. He is a delinquent who fights with a shirasaya.


He has black hair (often mistaken to be a shade of dark green) and black eyes. He wears the standard SSS uniform. He is mostly seen carrying a shirasaya sword.


He is a snobbish guy who picks on new people like Otonashi (reason for this is unknown), though as the series progresses he torments Otonashi less and less. He is one of the most reliable members of the group, along with Noda. Although he displays a tough bravado, he is unable to swim and he drowns very easily. It seems that he is good friends with Ooyama. Though as the series start heading towards the end, he wants to be remembered when everyone leaves instead of just being the kind of person to be forgotten.


Anime Series This section contains spoiler content from the manga Heaven's Door.
In the Afterlife Battlefront, he was initially recruited by Chaa when they hosted Operation Bonfire to work in the Guild. He then put in a request to transfer to the Top Brass, and he was introduced by Chaa to Yuri, citing his abilities by being a former Yakuza member. However, his personality was a lot more shy and he tended to stutter, which raised some eyebrows. Furthermore, his ability to shoot was put to the test and he missed all of his shots. Because of his poor aim, his status as a former Yakuza became doubtful.

He began to tell the truth: his time in the Yakuza was shortlived, as he was only in it for one day. While the exact details were not disclosed to the reader, that single day was emotional or disturbing enough for Ooyama to break down and Hinata to tear up.


  • He uses a PPSh-41 submachine gun when prepared for heavy action such as in episodes 1 and 8. He was seen fighting Shadows using both firearms and his sword at the same time in episode 11.


  • He is the only member to fight using a sword and a gun at the same time.
  • He has the same voice actor as Akio Furukawa from Clannad.
  • His English voice actor, Andrew Love, was married to Angel's English voice actress, Emily Neves.
  • In the Drama CD 3, he has a 'buzz' device used to answer in a quiz show contest and uses it every time before he speaks.
  • It appears that he can not swim.
  • Not much is known about his past, but he says he was part of the yakuza, but only for one day. It was supposedly a very tragic story, as Ooyama cried and begged to be his friend, and Hinata thought he might cry too.
  • Fujimaki was originally a Guild member before he transferred to the Top Brass.



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