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Girls Dead Monster is an all-girls band made of students from the afterlife school. Also known to their fans as GirlDeMo, it is a sub-division and affiliation of the SSS, cooperating in certain operations.


This section contains content from Heaven's Door.
Girls Dead Monster was founded by Masami Iwasawa and Hisako, who rediscovered music for the first time in the afterlife by pure chance. Both Iwasawa and Hisako had problems related to music during their life (Iwasawa turned to music to escape her parents' constant fighting while Hisako vowed to never play an instrument after the death of a friend), but they eventually decided to embrace their restored passion in music. They eventually began to play music even during school hours, and their music became famous throughout the school.

The duo were soon joined by Shiori Sekine and her friend Miyuki Irie, who became the band's bassist and drummer respectively.


Diversionary Music[]

After the integration of Girls Dead Monster into the Afterlife War Front, they acted as the diversionary force for the said group, using their charisma and their music in various missions, ranging from the task of getting food coupons for getting food for the members of the SSS to drowning out the sound of gunfire as they initiate operations against Angel.


It was formerly led by vocalist Masami Iwasawa. After Iwasawa's passing, Yui replaced her as the vocalist while Hisako became GDM’s leader.



The members of Girls Dead Monster: (from left to right) Sekine, Hisako, Iwasawa and Irie.

Anime insert Songs[]

These songs have been played during the continuity of the anime.

Other Songs[]


Angel Beats Girls Dead Monster cover album

The cover album of Girls Dead Monster: "Keep the Beats!".

The OST CD came out the 22nd of May covering the songs from the anime plus additional numbers.

A special Girl Dead Monster album was released 28 July 2010, named "Keep the Beats!", it covers the Yui versions of the older songs and the newer GirlDeMo songs. It is shipped with a limited edition Girls Dead Monster guitar pick and music sheets.


  • Marina and LiSA were the ones who sang the GirlDeMo songs.
  • In Angel Beats! Heaven's Door on Chapter 26, prior to the formation of the band, Yuri Nakamura and Shiina were the first to play with Hisako and Iwasawa under the band name "4 Guitar Women" during the early days of SSS. It didn't last long however, as their first gig was outrageous much to Hisako's chagrin and immediately disbanded right after.
  • The cover of the album "Keep the Beats!" has a resemblance of Bon Jovi's album cover "Keep the Faith"
  • The lead vocalist, Iwasawa, is voiced by Sawashiro Miyuki (voice actor) and Marina (singing voice), the same voices as Sala Shane, lead vocalist of the fictional band ZHIEND, from the anime, Charlotte, also by KEY.