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Angel Beats! Heaven's Door (エンジェルビーツ! ヘブンズドアー, Enjeru Bītsu! Hebunzu Doa) is a manga series adaptation of the Angel Beats! Track Zero light novel. The series is illustrated by Yuriko Asami, and was first released in the May 2010 issue of the Dengeki G's Magazine. It is later published under ASCII Media Works' Dengeki Comics imprint.

Seven Seas Entertainment has licensed the manga with the first volume to be shipped on February 9, 2016.


Heaven's Door, like Track Zero, acts as a prequel to the anime series. It takes place during the time when Hinata is in his early days as a student and later, becomes the co-founder of the Shinda Sekai Sensen (SSS), an organization formed to take revenge against God. The story later expands on Track Zero, showing the lives of more of the members of the Shinda Sekai Sensen before Yuri's formation of the said group.


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Hideki Hinata
The main character and a newcomer in the afterlife. After dying in a vehicular accident, Hinata stumbles upon the afterlife, where he is taken by Yuri in her elaborate plan to pay back her painful experiences in life.
Yurippe/Yuri Nakamura
An inhabitant in the afterlife who harbors intense feelings of revenge against God for her past experiences when she was still alive. She forms the Shinda Sekai Sensen with Hinata and other students she recruited to push through her plan to confront God herself.
A shy boy who eventually becomes Hinata's roommate and close friend. He has a personality that barely stands out from the others in the afterlife.
Kanade Tachibana/Angel
The Student Council President in the afterlife, tasked with enforcing various school rules. She possesses a mysterious set of abilities called Guard Skills that she uses in combat. The nature of her ability has earned her the nickname "Angel" amongst the members of the SSS and also turned her into a vital target for SSS operations.
Despite looking like a gruff middle-aged man, Chaa is also a student in the afterlife. He introduces the concept of firearms in the afterlife and became a short threat to Yuri's group before deciding to join her cause.
A student that believes himself to be the main character of a video game. He instantly became a part of the group after getting the invitation from Yuri, and also developed a crush on her. He became somewhat close to Hinata and Ooyama, serving as the aggressive member of the little trio.

Chapter List[]

Chapter 1
Hinata reminisces on his first days on the Afterlife. After finding himself in a vehicular accident, he finds himself in an unusual world where he is familiar to everyone. Confused, he turns to a girl named Yuri, who briefs him into the workings of the world where everyone is dead.
Chapter 2
Yuri gets Hinata to join in her personal quest against God, and how has to find a way to lure God out. Hinata experiences a lot of things for the first time since being dead, and even meets Ooyama, who turns out to be an uninteresting fellow. Soon, their focus shifts on a sound anyone hasn't heard before: a gunshot.
Chapter 3
Yuri and Hinata investigate the gunshot that seems to have come from the principal's office. Upon arrival, they see the student council president and a group of teachers gathered in front of the door. The student council president enters the office to see a student, holding the principal at gunpoint. As soon as Yuri and Hinata enter the office, they are greeted by a bloody scene... and a new secret about the student council president is revealed.
Chapter 4
After the incident in the principal's office, Yuri and Hinata plan to hold the principal hostage, in order to lure out the student council president and learn more information about God. With bat and gun in hand,they storm the office. The School Council president finally arrives... will their plan fail?
Chapter 5
Ooyama is revealed not an NPC, and shares Hinata's memories of dying! Hinata quickly tries to persuade Ooyama to meet with Yuri, but with Hinata spreading false rumours about Yuri to Ooyama, getting him to meet her is going to prove difficult!
Chapter 6
Yuri and Hinata have split up?! With Yuri on her own, causing a rampage. Friendship (and maybe love) is tested. Can Hinata make up with Yuri?
Chapter 6.5
Yuri visits the room where Hinata and Ooyama stay, and Yuri's curiosity destroys the quiet atmosphere in the two boy's dormitory room.
Chapter 7
Chapter 8
Chapter 9
Chapter 10
Chaa is defeated, and he finds himself inside Angel's room. After Yuri explores whatever secrets Angel holds inside her dormitory room, she, Ooyama and Hinata listen to Chaa's past as a young man in love. The group soon encounters someone... a girl who eventually becomes the leader of Girls Dead Monster.
Chapter 11
Chapter 12
Chapter 13
Iwasawa finishes Crow Song, and her relationship with Hisako becomes stronger. Hisako soon shares the biggest hurdle of her life, and strikes a deal with Iwasawa: a no-repeats concert with her at the school's cafeteria whether Iwasawa agrees to join Hisako's band or not.