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Hinako (ひなこ) is a character that appears in the Angel Beats visual novel, 1st Beat. She makes her official appearance in Matsushita's route, serving as a prominent figure in his life due to the same circumstances she shared with Matsushita, specifically her blindness.


Hinako is a beautiful young woman with waist-length brown/black hair and brown eyes. She has one long strand of hair going down on each side of her face. When she was in junior high school, she wears a blu-ish sailor uniform with a red ribbon adorned to the front.


Hinako is a kind, accomodating, and soft-spoken person. Since she has been blind for nearly her entire life, her way of identifying things is different.


Anime Series This section contains spoiler content from the Matsushita route of the visual novel.
Similar to Matsushita, Hinako has been blind for her entire life. She suffered from a condition known as ambylopia, so she was able to see the outlines of things compared to Matsushita. When they met as kids, Matsushita became blind after a long fever. She introduced him to the school of the blind, and when he questioned her if there any sports he could participate in, she referred him to Judo. After graduating from college, she began working in welfare.

Before one of Matsushita's tournaments, she waltzed into the waiting room and asked him to go for a walk. She brought him to a field of sunflowers, something he recalled seeing before he went blind. She then hugged him tightly, noting how big he has become as a person. Thinking it was a good idea to calm him down, she held him tight, but pouted at his words of embarassment before releasing him.

Telling him to crouch down, he began to feel her hands roam all over his face, telling him that he's been a bit distant. He obliged reluctantly, telling her she can do it just a bit more. As the time for the tournament began to close in, she gave him words of encouragement before he left.

The very next day, it was raining hard and on her usual routine, she headed off to her workplace, before being struck by a drunk driver who had fallen asleep at the wheel. She died instantly.



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