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Hisako Fuchita[1] (渕田 ひさ子 Fuchita Hisako) is second-in-command/co-founder of Girls Dead Monster who plays the guitar. She has a side route in Angel Beats! -1st Beat- which elaborates on her background prior to coming to the Afterlife.


Hisako has long brown hair that is usually kept in a ponytail with bangs hanging over her forehead and gray eyes.

She wears the standard uniform with her sleeves rolled up to her elbows like Iwasawa, white socks that go below the knee and brown loafers. She also wears the GirlsDeMo accessory in her left thigh. She is seen carrying her guitar, mostly she used it in the performances during the diversion practices.


She has a candid personality and likes to play mahjong, which she has incredible luck with. She cheats to win. She is strict when it comes to practising their new songs and she's always angry with Yui (probably because of messing the rhythms or if Yui had said something that she didn't like).


Beginnings of Dead Monster[]


Iwasawa and Hisako performing to Crow Song in the manga.

Hisako finds Iwasawa running from teachers who want to stop the latter's guitar playing in the middle of class period. She offers refuge to Iwasawa because she is personally moved by Iwasawa's performance and she invites her to play with her on the music room; at this time, Iwasawa discovers that Hisako has a playing style very similar to a band named Sad Machine. Hisako then offers her a chance to form a band with her.

Although Iwasawa is not yet ready to form a band with her, Hisako continues to play alongside Iwasawa; at this period, Iwasawa has finished composing "Crow Song". Hisako still wasn't able to recruit Iwasawa into the band she is planning to form, and she instead decides to ask her perform with her in an unexpected concert at noon.


Blood the Beautiful

Masami Iwasawa

Iwasawa is Hisako’s partner and fellow co-founder of the original Girls Dead Monster. The two first met when Hisako saved Iwasawa from the NPC teachers, who were angry with her constant guitar-playing during class hours. She was instantly taken by Iwasawa’s music and invited her to perform together. It was during this time that Hisako confided in Iwasawa her history with her band from real life.

The pair bonded over their passion for music, not showing much concern for anything else (including the SSS’s affairs). Yuri commented that they don’t care about anything but music, as they usually only listened to each other’s opinions. Hisako, being the more outspoken of the two, often made the decisions, with Iwasawa simply following her lead. She often told Iwasawa that she needed her by her her side, with the latter reminding her of the same. Although constantly irritated by Iwasawa’s cluelessness, Hisako harbors deep respect for her as musician. Iwasawa is noticeably the only member of GDM who fully met Hisako’s expectations.

It is implied that Hisako and Iwasawa harbored romantic feelings for one another, as they often blushed in each other’s presence and made gestures of affection towards one another. They once inadvertently led Angel to believe that they had sex when the latter walked in on the two in Hisako’s bedroom, to Hisako’s immense chagrin and Iwasawa’s oblivion at the situation. When Iwasawa became close with Araki, Hisako was instantly jealous of their friendship and commented that seeing them together made her chest hurt. During this time, Hisako became somewhat harsh towards Iwasawa, which led to a brief falling out that resulted in Hisako forming a band with Emily. However, the two eventually reconciled and reestablished their need for each other, later performing together during the NPCs' graduation.

After Iwasawa departs from the afterlife, Hisako and the other GDM members are forced to replace her with Yui. However, Hisako was unable to forget about about Iwasawa's talent, making her preference for her previous partner very clear. When leaving the afterlife herself, Hisako states that there was no replacement for Iwasawa’s (and Yui’s) vocals.

Shiori Sekine
Miyuki Irie
Yuri Nakamura and Shiina


  • The name Hisako means "long time" (久) (hisa) and "child" (子) (ko).


  • Hisako is possibly a D cup.
  • Hisako is noted to be good at athletics.
  • Hisako slightly resembles Rin Natsume from Little Busters [4].
  • On the anime and visual novel Hisako's electric guitar model is most likely based on the Fender Jazzmaster model JM66 Jupiter Blue with white strips that was made only in Japan.



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