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Kanazawa University is the school that the Angel Beats! school was based on. It is located in Kanazawa in Ishikawa Japan.


Reaching Kanazawa[]

First take the Hokuriku Shinkansen out of Tokyo. The trip takes around 3 hours. You can use Google Maps to help with this quite a bit. If you have a 14 day JR Rail Pass, then you can use that to get a Shinkansen ticket. For hotels I would recomend one of the ones right next to the station. There are several hotels and you will have no shortage of choices among them.

Reaching the University[]

Do not get the full day city bus pass that is available for this trip. It only works on "normal city" routes and the route to the university is a "student commuter" route. At the station there are bus terminals on the east and west side of the station. It is very important you pay attention to what side of the station you are in since the numbers start from 1 on both sides. Just looking at the number isn't enough, you need both! I've seen Japanese people mess this up multipule times over just one day at Kanazawa! The bus I found best to get there is the bus out of terminal 8 on the East side of the station. There are two stops that matter: The Kakuma stop and the Kanegawa University stop. The Kanegawa University stop is much closer, but the Kakuma stop lets you actually walk through the front entrance which is where most of the interesting stuff is. There is also a fairly full service konbini with hot food, outlets, a restroom, a place to sit down, and a rare Yuuchou Bank ATM that lets you withdrawal from Visa Debit Cards near the Kakuma stop, so it might be worth noting anyway if you need anything.

The Interesting Places[]

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Getting Back from the University[]

You'll want to go to the final stop bus stop on the route you came on. Its the Kanegawa University stop. Busses start the route back from there. I have found the schedule to be incredibly unreliable for coming back though. They don't show up on time or at all, and I went when school was out, so some of the times weren't going to be serviced anyway. Worse case senario, you can do what I did and walk the way back (~7-10 km). Just follow the main road out of campus back towards Kanazawa and when you reach a river, follow it unitl you hit downtown Kanazawa. It takes ~1.5hrs to walk the way back but it is downhill.

Other Stuff to do in Kanazawa[]

Since you're out here, try these things too:

  • Visit Shirakawago, on top of being a UNESCO world heritage site, its also the town Higurashi was based off of.
  • If you're going in the winter, see the Tateyama Snow Corridor.
  • Kanazawa's castle park is a massive castle complex that merges with a large shrine with another large garden across the street that you can visit for free.