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Ooyama (大山, Ooyama) is an ordinary young male who is part of the Afterlife Battlefront's Top Brass. With no significant talents or features, he is known to be one of the most plain people in the Afterlife, up to the point where he was suspected of being an NPC even though he truly wasn't.


Ooyama is a noticeably average looking boy with medium length dark reddish hair, large, innocent-looking green eyes, and fair skin. Prior to the formation of the Afterlife Battlefront, he wore the afterlife school uniform. After Yuri decided to create a uniform, he proceeded to wear the Battlefront's uniform. He tucks his shirt in and buttons his it up to the top, leaving his blazer undone, and wears a tie. He seems to be shorter and less muscular than a lot of the other boys.


Ooyama is very innocent, childlike, enthusiastic, optimistic and cheerful person who does not have any unique or prominent traits, making him a person that does not stand out socially. He is generally gentle, encouraging and incredibly caring for people of many backgrounds, and tends to be understanding of a situation or takes things with a grain of salt. He believes in true love and takes romance seriously, easily getting embarrassed with the idea of confessing to someone.

Ooyama does his best to do his assigned tasks and does what he is told, seemingly happy to be needed. However, he is very forgetful, messes up often, timid, and easily frightened, which makes him somewhat unreliable. He is affectionate to his closest friends and is able to socialize easily with them. He is generally reserved and somewhat shy, usually staying quite when the group is talking to a new person, but he's still friendly and warm.

He seems to see the best in others and is very forgiving. He is overly emotional and easily hurt, and cries very easily. Because of this sensitivity, he is prone to being emotionally scarred and traumatized, which is a running gag in the series.

He seems to have a strange imagination, and has very weird and sometimes unrealistic ideas and jokes (in an audio special Yuri even yelled at him for, "going off into his own little dimension again"). He seems to like helping and caring for people who have suffered badly in the past and dislikes any kind of unnecessary conflict and violence.

In the manga, he 'casts' healing and protection spells on Hinata.


Anime Series This section contains spoiler content from the manga Heaven's Door.
How he died and ended up in the Afterlife remains unknown, but in the manga, he is frequently shown to have sad and dramatic expressions whenever the others are discussing the past. His mood always drops immensely after talking and refused to disclose any information, which implies that it is a harsh one—although there is currently no proof of this. Ooyama said that the first present ever was Hinata's Natto.

He has been in the afterlife world for longer than Hinata and Yuri, but most likely not as long as Shiina. Due to him joining the Battlefront to avoid loneliness implies that he was lonely and had no friend whilst alive. When he says that Hinata was the first to give him a present could mean that his parents were too poor to give him Christmas presents, or simply didn't love him enough. His anxiousness when he confessed his love to Kanade for an operation implies that he hasn't had dabbled in romance.

There could also be a possibility that he played many MMO's while alive as he pretended to cast healing spells and potions on the others. His parents must have been very strict and disciplined him often or he was a natural goody-two-shoes as he was overwhelmed by eating in class. His unwillingness to participate in violent acts or participating in conflict suggests that he was either bullied or abused when living.


In the anime, in Episode 2 it could be assumed that everyone already shares their past stories with each other since Iwasawa mentioned that she already know Yuri's (albeit, in no full length). Whether Ooyama already shared his story too or not, is unknown.

In Episode 5, Yuri made him confess to Angel (later known as Kanade Tachibana) he said to Hinata, "You just got away with physical damage, but I'm going to take critical mental damage." He also said, " This is my first time asking out a girl!" Hinata and Ooyama keep on fighting until Yuri shouts, "Enough! Knock it off all of you!"

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In Episode 6, Ooyama did an amusing scene where he was told to do something not-normal and eat snacks in class to see what former substitute school president Naoi would do. So he specifically said, "Oh man, My heart is pounding! I'm eating snacks in the middle of class! I ate it! I totally ate it! Boldly eating snacks in the middle of class! I'm so reckless!" That could show that he was possibly picked on and forced to follow the rules in his past.

In Episode 12, he helps the others from the shadow using the sniper.

In Episode 13, he and most of the SSS are revealed to have passed on.


Though normally tasked with sniping duties where his M24 SWS variant of the Remington 700 rifle comes into use, in times of emergencies, he can also pull out his SIG-Sauer P226R pistol. It is not known if he has improved his close combat capabilities since braining himself with a flail type weapon soon after he first met Yuri and Hinata.


  • Ooyama has the same voice actor as Yukine Miyazawa's little brother from Clannad. Although this character only appears during Yukine's Arc.
  • During Episode 8 Dancer in the Dark, Ooyama was hypnotised by Naoi to act as a sacrifice, under the role of a clown to make "the lonely girl in the corner" laugh.
  • His name literally translates into large mountain, but he isn't tall.
  • In Angel Beats! Track Zero Chapter 1, Hinata once called him 'Yampaii'.
  • In Angel Beats! Drama CD 3, his personality has changed to the exact opposite of the one he shows in the Anime.
  • In the OVA2, he was also out of character as he was happy that he managed to successfully kill Takamatsu and that he recovered extremely fast after seeing Matsushita's bloody limbs and vomiting.
  • Hinata thinks that he is very cute.
  • Yuri seems to find his jokes hilarious in an audio special.
  • His hobbies are reading and listening to J-pop, which Hinata states is as boring as you can get.
  • He has a habbit of saying the same sentence twice in the same conversation.
  • In the visual novel, he thinks Otonashi is handsome and wants to nickname him ' Ikeman', which could be translated as " handsome" or " handsome guy".
  • In the manga and drama CDs, he has the catchphrase "Nante ______!", which could be translated as " Such ________!" or " What ________!". His most common phrases could translate as " Such violence!" and " What survival skills!"
  • He loves nattou, which a lot of people (including Yuri) hate.
  • He's very popular with the lunch ladies.
  • In a life before his previous one, he was a huge playboy, with the complete opposite personality. He says he " Messed around with some older women" and talks about how he misses his favourite hotels and bars, though he isn't even old enough to drink anyway. This is a running joke in the drama CDs, in which he occasionally swaps to his opposite personality
  • He begged to be friends with Fujimaki after he heard his past and felt such strong sympathy from him he was brought to tears.
  • His birthday seems to be in either October or September
  • In Angel Beats! OVA 2 (Hell's kitchen) TK says to Ooyama "Hey, you!" in English, then in Japanese says, "Right now, she's waiting at the airport lobby," which could be a possible hint of his past. (Either his or TK's)



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