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Saitou, nicknamed "Fishing Saitou", is a member of The Guild. He was born out of excessive passion for fishing.


Saitou does not wear the standard SSS uniform, instead he wears a t-shirt, pants and a straw hat, which makes him look like a picturesque farmer or Huckleberry Finn-like fisherman. Saitou only appeared during Operation Monster Stream, and is then seen with fishing rods and a large amount of other fishing equipment.


He spends his time fishing on sunny days in the river near the Afterlife School (which is off limits to the students). His main goal is to capture the giant fish, known as "Monster Stream". It is heavily implied that he made his fishing rods strong enough to capture the giant fish. Saitou catches fish with extremely exaggerated movements, he also appears to be a firearms expert, yet he is also considered a moron by Yuri. He is also an expert when it comes to firearms. He catches fish with unbelievable strokes.


  • From the show he is not shown to have any real combat abilities.
  • He is shown as being the most capable fisherman in the Guild, SSS and School.


  • Although his fishing equipment look normal, he upgraded all of it so that he could capture the River Monster.
  • It was shown that he has incredible jumping skills while he was catching a fish.
  • [3]
  • It is unknown if Saitou passed on with the Guild after they disbanded, along with the rest of the SSS as he was never mentioned. It was assumed he did though, seeing many of the members also moving on nearing the end of the anime.
  • His character is presumed to be homage to the protagonist of a fishing manga (and of its anime adaptation) titled “Tsurikichi Sanpei ” (釣りキチ三平, lit. "Fishing Enthusiast Sanpei") , which was popular in Japan throughout 1970s
  • His name "Saitou" likely comes from a recurring name in Jun Maeda's works, examples are Bush Saitou from Kanon, Jet Saitou from Clannad, Masked Saitou from Little Busters , and Skyhigh Saitou from Charlotte.

Saitou catches a fish.


  1. As of May 2021, there has not been any official source for any character's date of birth, or age.
  2. There are character design sheets (settei sheets) that show the height of the cast that has been examined by this wiki's administrators. This character did not appear on that page so their height remains unknown.
  3. It is possible that his first name could be Kazumi, as what was seen in Episode 3, in the school roster.