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The Shinda Sekai Sensen (死んだ世界戦線, lit. "World of the Dead War Front", abbr. SSS) is an organization founded by Yuri and Hinata, composed of students from across the "Afterlife School".

The main purpose of the SSS is to provoke the presence of God in a variety of ways, including violent means, which is usually targeted at the Student Council President, who they assumed to work under God. This stems from the ideals of Yuri, current leader and founding member of the organization, that God is the one responsible for the sufferings they experienced in the living world and they wish to exact revenge for it.

Operation meetings are held in the Anti-Angel Headquarters with traps set at the entrance to prevent Angel from intruding their meetings. The principal's office was their de facto meeting place since its foundation during the events of Heaven's Door manga.

There is no certain number of affiliated members of the organization, but it can be estimated to be a large amount if the figures of its sub-divisions are also included.

Noted OperationsEdit

Heaven's DoorEdit

This section contains content from Angel Beats! Heaven's Door.

  • Operation Principal Room Heist


  • Operation Tornado
  • Guild Descent Operation
  • Angel's Assault Operation (Operation Angel Area Invasion)
  • Operation Monster Stream
  • Operation High Tension Syndrome
  • Operation Demon Monster


Although not directly affiliated with the SSS, these two sub-divisions act accordingly with Yuri's plans, assisting in most of the major operations of the organization.

Girls Dead MonsterEdit


Girls Dead Monster - (From left) Irie, Iwasawa, Sekine, Hisako, Yui

This is an all-female band composed of students from the afterlife school. It is composed of four members: Iwasawa on vocals and rhythm, Hisako on lead guitar, Irie on drums, and Sekine on bass.

Their main purpose is to serve as a diversion for missions which require SSS to move without arousing suspicion from other students, particularly "Operation Tornado", which involves taking food coupons from NPCs for their reserves. Their songs are very famous with the students and the band uses this to help out while the rest of SSS covertly proceeds with their plans.

After Iwasawa's disappearance, Yui, the band's promotion assistant, assumes the role of vocals and rhythm guitarist.



Guild - Chaa and his men.

The Guild is the primary provider of the organization's artillery, as they are the only ones with the ability to create real-life weapons using dirt. Their headquarters is located deep underground, protected by a series of traps and security systems installed to alert themselves when Angel arrives. After the fall of the first guild, the organization escapes to their former hideout, Old Guild. Guild is created and lead by Chaa, the man who first introduced guns in the Afterlife world.


While Naoi and Takeyama (Christ) aren't part of a sub-group, they do not engage in combat and are both used to gain intelligence through hypnotism or hacking skills. Yusa is rarely seen in the field, preferring to work alongside with Yuri as secretary and her pair of eyes in the field.


  • The motto of Shinda Sekai Sensen's coat of arms states, "rebels against the god".
  • The three S's of the logo bear structural resemblance, if not reference, to the sig runes in the insignia of the paramilitary organization Schutzstaffel (abbreviated SS), which was under Adolf Hitler during World War 2.
  • Yuri and Hinata were the first official members.
  • In the first episode, they changed the name of the battlefront (Originally "Like-Hell-I'm-Dead Battlefront"), but they agreed to change it back to the original name: Shinda Sekai Sensen.
  • Before every operation, Yuri will announce once and loudly "Operation Start!"
  • There is an ongoing joke that the members of the Shinda Sekai Sensen could never agree on an official name, and it was always changed (examples include the "Not Yet Dead Battlefront, "Desperate Battlefront", "Suicide Core Battlefront," the "Afterlife Battlefront," the "Almost Dead Battlefront", and the comical "Barnacle Battlefront").