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Shiori Sekine (関根 しおり Sekine Shiori) is the bassist of Girls Dead Monster, with a G&L L-2000 bass guitar as her playing instrument and Hartke HA3500 or 5500 (external aesthetics identical) as her amp, she likes to play pranks on those around her to see the surprised faces of her victims. She also likes to abruptly improvise during performances, which makes Hisako get mad at her. She is best friends with Miyuki Irie, whom she calls "Miyukichi". Although she isn't good at playing the bass, Hisako stood up as her guide during their practice performances. She is also seen singing backup for Masami Iwasawa when the band first performed "Crow Song" in the anime.


Sekine is a slim teenage girl of average height with slightly spiky thigh-length honey hair that has two strands of hair from behind her ears are usually seen down her shoulders with a small ahoge on her head and deep blue eyes.


Sekine is known to be a spontaneous little rascal, often having ideas that tend to rub people the wrong way. Whenever Sekine comes up with any sort of plan, it often is mischievious, usually causing trouble for the target person or group of people. She also avoids suffering the consequences of her actions. She often brings her close friend Irie alongside her whenever she conducts her plans.

Despite her attitude of causing trouble, she is known to care for others, most notably Irie. As such, she often puts her on a pedestal such as attempting to convince Otonashi to go after Irie despite her protests.



A terrified Sekine waking up to war. Image from a translated version of Heaven's Door: Chapter 74.

Anime Series This section contains spoiler content from the manga Heaven's Door.
Sekine's background prior to her arrival to the Afterlife is not explicitly stated in any available form or media.

Her first appearance is marked when she appeared in the middle of a firefight between the Battlefront and Kanade. She began to panic and attempted to keep herself safe before Yuri ordered Shiina to bring Sekine to safety. As Kanade got closer to Sekine, Shiina intercepted her and brought her to a safe spot before she was eventually brought to the Battlefront's headquarters.

She was initially judged for her looks as Yuri tried to allocate her to a proper division, but the topic of playing instruments and the band came up to which Sekine showed some level of proficiency in playing the bass guitar. She was then introduced to Beautiful The Blood (Girls Dead Monster's prior name) and she was ordered to play with the band for her first time, to which she discovered she was outmatched in terms of performance. Like Irie, Hisako placed Sekine under a strict training regime.

As Sekine began to see the evil side of Hisako, Irie came up one day to bring Sekine drinks and the two became best friends after. Sekine was flabbergasted as to how Irie was extremely proficient with the drums, to discover that she had no prior experience with it and had trained for nearly six years to achieve that level of expertise.

Afterward, Sekine received her Battlefront uniform as well as receiving her nickname (Shiorin) and giving one to Irie (Miyukichi).



Miyuki Irie
Masami Iwasawa


  • Shiori's surname Sekine means "barrier" (関) (seki) and "root" (根) (ne).


  • Sekine was a contestant of the voting contest Anime Saimoe Tournament 2010, but she lost to Mio Akiyama in the first round of the main tournament.
  • Sekine has the same name with the only female member of the band Base Ball Bear.
  • Sekine bears a resemblance to Yusa Nishimori from Charlotte as they both have long blonde hair and blue eyes.
  • Unlike Irie, Sekine had prior experience to playing a musical instrument, specifically a bass guitar.



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