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The Angel Beats OVA is titled "Stairway to Heaven" because it ends with Angel going down a flight of stairs to the basement of the school's medical, being followed by Yuri and the others, thinking that she will report to God and that where she is going is heaven.


GirlsDeMo rehearsing for Operation High Tension Syndrome. (Lower left: Tension Meter)

It starts off with the GirlsDeMo having rehearsals in a riot, Sekine tells Hisako that they are in Operation High Tension Syndrome and that if they fail they will have no food for a week.

In the lower left portion of the screen you will see a Tension Meter that measures the tension of the SSS battlefield members.


Bloated Fujimaki and Oyama and thin TK after eating in the Cafeteria.

In the school cafeteria, Fujimaki and Oyama are seen bloated because they ate lots of food with the reasoning that if they do so they could survive without eating for a week (in case they fail in Operation High Tension Syndrome). But then Fujimaki suggested that they should do some sports to help in their digestion. Oyama agrees and says that they should get TK to teach them to dance. TK enters the scene after using the comfort room saying that his stomach is in a destruction. Oyama then suggests that they should do the dancing in a wide space area leading them to go to the Field.


Hinata and Takamatsu trying to lay claim of the field.

In the field, SSS battlefront members gathered, surrounded by the NPCs as audience. Hinata and Yui are fighting over the field since the GirlsDeMo will be having an outdoor concert while Hinata and the other guys (Noda, Otonashi, Takamatsu, and Matsushita) will be playing baseball. Oyama, TK, and Fujimaki enters the scene, adding more fuel to the fire. Otonashi, unable to bear the tension, screams and says that they should just have a Sports Meet, given that there are lots of them in the field. Everyone agrees and started to get fired up. Events such as Relay, Pole, Aerobics, Basket, Eating Race, Cheerleading and Cheering battles were held.


Yuri getting into the role of commentator.

Yusa reports back to Yuri about the excitement and tension in the field and asks what is happening on Angel's side. Yuri acts as the commentary reporter but then gets pissed saying what the hell is Yusa trying to make her do. She thens changes back to her normal mood saying that Angel is still in the council room having a meeting,but that it would be finish soon.


Fujimaki with the Cute stuffed toy tied on his headband battling it out.

The scene changes to Shiina inside the stock room with her collection of cute stuffed animals. NPCs enter the room taking out some equipment for the sports festival in preparation for the final event, during which they will be taking bandanas/head bands from the other teams. The winning team is set to be rewarded with a thousand points.Fujimaki puts on his headband with a cute stuffed animal tied on it saying that it could bring luck, making him get more bands from the other team. The game starts with gun fire. The tension meter rises up again. Yuri, watching from a distance with her binoculars, talks to herself saying that Angel should've been seeing the riot in the field and questioning that even if the students are having so much fun they are not disappearing. She laughs and declares that Operation High Tension Syndrome is doing well.


Shiina with the stuffed animal

Shiina once again enters the scene, seeing the cute stuff tied on Fujimaki's headband, attacking everyone and taking away the stuffed animal. Angel then comes, face to face with Shiina. Yuri panics, saying that the situation is the worst possible outcome of the operation. Angel asks Shiina what she did, she answers while showing Angel the stuffed animals and screamed "Cute" raising the tension meter to 9999. Angel then leaves saying that everything is fine and whispers to herself "How shall I report this...". Yuri hears this and decides to follow Angel, thinking that she will report to God.


SSS battlefront surprised reactions after entering the greenhouse

Angel leads them to a staircase with a big door appearing to be protected by a password (As Yuri thought). SSS battlefront follows Angel inside, to their dismay, to a greenhouse. Angel then explains that the report was about the radishes that she was growing, and that the "password" she was entering was a calculator, and she was calculating the remaining budget of the Garden club. Yurippe, surprised, screams and declares that SSS will not eat for a week.(They do this because of the operation's failure to lure out God)


SSS battlefront members unconscious because of hunger

The OVA ends with only Yurippe drinking a bottle of water while the other members of the battlefront have all passed out on the floor due to being denied food for a week, Yurippe laughs while talking with Yusa saying that all of the GirlsDeMo are down. Yusa faints shortly after saying that Yuri makes a great villain.


  • In the ending, the members disappear one by one, leaving only Yuri behind by the rest of the credits (due to her being the last one consious) and instead of THE END or the preview of the next episode it ends with the words: BAD END.
  • The ending of the song "Run with wolves" by Girls Dead Monster is played when the band is practicing at the music club. The tension meter is at 4.