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"Hell's Kitchen" is the second special episode of the Angel Beats! anime series, released on June 24, 2015. The episode is directed by Hiroyuki Hashimoto, with storyboards by Masakazu Hashimoto and screenplay by Kousuke Kawazura, Misaki Suzuki and Yuji Miyashita.


Set between episodes two and three, during Golden Week, Yuri arranges for the SSS to go on a deadly picnic, which involves most of the members trying to kill each other with various traps and gadgets. She gives it the codename: Operation Demon Picnic. One by one the guys fall for each others traps until Otonashi is the last one standing. Meanwhile, Girls Dead Monster members Miyuki and Shiori attempt to lead Iwasawa into various pitfalls, only for her to survive each one while remaining completely oblivious. They attempt to use their last trap, a mysterious potion, but it instead lands on Hisako, who transforms into a blood-thirsty monster that not even Tenshi can stop (Did she literally turn into a monster, or is she just really angry? Who knows? Who cares?). Yuri later explains the point of the picnic was to turn someone into a demon from all the killing, so Tenshi would summon God to help her. It is also revealed that this incident is why the band is called Girls Dead Monster.