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Takamatsu (高松, Takamatsu) is an honor student at the afterlife school and a member of SSS. He is assigned to gathering information and affairs.


He has dark blue hair and dark bluish-purple eyes. He also wears glasses. He wears the standard SSS uniform. Though appearing to be slender, in episode 5 of the anime, when having to act as a diversion, he reveals himself to be actually well built muscle wise and appears slimmer with his clothes on. He is even more muscular than Noda. After this, he is often seen throughout the rest of the series (prior to turning into an NPC) without his shirt on for various reasons.


He has a calm and polite personality. He contributes to the SSS with mainly intelligence gathering and other affairs, but does not actively go out and fight. He tries to avoid trouble as quickly as possible.

Yuri herself says to not be fooled by his glasses and that he is actually stupid (he and Takeyama were the only known members to wear glasses), though he really looks like a smart person because of the intelligence and information he contributes to the group.


Takamatsu is turned into an NPC by the shadows in episode 11 but recovered off screen as pointed out in the conversation between Hinata and Yuri in episode 13. Yuri posits that it stems from his strong will that allowed him to recover from being an NPC as she herself experienced in her near NPC transformation.


  • Takamatsu's weapons include a SIG SG 552 assault rifle and a Desert Eagle pistol, both of which availed him little in the events of episode 8.



  • In Episode 5 Favorite Flavor, he is the second one to be "rocketed" into the ceiling, and is rotating at high speed.
  • Also in Episode 5, in the outro he is seen shirtless and surrounded by sparkles.
  • In the OVA Stairway to Heaven, he has said this in Japanese dub in English: "Hey! teach me. Hey! come on", and he was shirtless in the whole episode.
  • He was the only member to be fully consumed by Shadows.
  • His last name could be known as Toko. But the four and sixth letters of his first name is "e" instead of "a" and "i" instead of "a". However, it could simply be an NPC's name and not his real last name.
  • Despite the profile saying he is an honor student, in Episode 1 Yuri reveals to Otonashi that he's actually stupid.
  • He has same personalities and appearance as Jōjirō Takajō from the anime 'Charlotte'. Both of them have the same voice actor.
  • His nickname for Otonashi in the visual novel could be translated as 'Glasses Comrade', even though he doesn't wear glasses. He says that maybe when Otonashi regains his memories he will remember he has bad eyesight and begin to wear glasses.



  1. As of May 2021, there has not been any official source for any character's date of birth, or age.
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