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"But please, call me Christ."

Takeyama (竹山, Takeyama) is an intelligent young man who is proficient in computer security. He is often known for insisting everyone call him by his username "Christ", although everyone still calls him by his real name and he is usually ignored or interrupted by others.


Takeyama is a short individual who has a bowl-styled haircut with a slit down the middle. He has light blue eyes and wears glasses to which he constantly adjusts.


Takeyama takes pride in his work, but questions the actions of others (Seen with Otonashi in the visual novel). He prefers to be called the codenamed, "Christ" rather than his actual name. He is a smart individual and is well-versed in software engineering as he was the one who wrote the, "Briefing Manager" program that Yuri uses to brief the SSS prior to many operations. He does not engage in combat or any other physical operations, but rather gathers data and information.


  • Takeyama is not called on for combat duties but is relied on for any aspects that require understanding of programming. He is somewhat hindered by his level of English fluency (which is likely about the same as a normal Japanese student) but Yuri anticipated it and has called on a few unnamed SSS members who were proficient in the language to accompany him whenever they need to investigate the Angel Player software. Takeyama is also able to knock out people with lower IQ than him (E.g: Noda) by reciting pi.


  • Every time his name was called, he will always respond "Would you please call me Christ?"
  • He and Takamatsu are the only members to wear glasses.
  • It is unknown how Takeyama died, when he end up in the Afterlife, and what his regret was.
  • In the 3rd Angel Beats! Drama CD, all of them calls him Christ, but he didn't like it being called, despite he wanted to be called Christ in the anime. Because after getting reincarnated, he was known to be a 'storekeeper'. Thus, he wanted to be adressed as "Takeyama-storer."


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