Yui performing "Thousand Enemies" in the anime

Thousand Enemies is an insert song for the anime Angel Beats!. It is supposed to be Yui's first performance song and, in the story, it is composed by Iwasawa herself. It is a part of the album Keep the Beats!. It is sung by Yui's singing voice actress, LiSA.

Vocals: Yui from Girls Dead Monster


Lyrics[edit | edit source]

[edit | edit source]

Romaji Translation[edit | edit source]

English Translation[edit | edit source]

Fukigen sou na kimi to sugoshite
Wakatta koto ga hitotsu aru yo
Sonna furi shite tatakau koto ni hisshi

Passing the time with you when you’re in a bad mood,
There’s one thing that I’ve learned.
You’re just pretending to be like that and desperately fighting.
Itsu made mo kaenai de koori no you ni
Natsu no hizashi atsukute mo tokezu ni ite ne
Kitto saki ni utsukushii hyouga ga aru yo
Katachi aru sonna kokoro dare datte kizukeba motteru
Kimi mo motteru
Don’t ever change yourself like the ice does.
Even if the summer sun’s rays are hot, don’t melt away.
I’m sure that just ahead, there’s a beautiful glacier.
That kind of heart with a shape – if they’d realize it, all people have them.
You have one too!
Onaka ga suite arukenaku natte
Wakatta koto ga hitotsu aru yo
Yaru beki koto sakiokuri ni shite yaritai koto bakka yatteru
Gohan tabete tatakau shitaku shi yo
Hungry and unable to keep on walking,
There’s one thing that I’ve learned.
I’m putting off the things I should do and just doing what I want.
I’ll eat my food and get ready to fight!
Itsu made mo mottetai yo hagane no you na
Donna mono mo toosanai ganko na iji o
Kitto ima mo tachitsukushite mamori no tochuu
Yukute ni wa kazoekirenai
Teki ga ite atashi o matteru
Kimi ni mo matteru
I want to have this forever – as strong as steel,
A stubborn spirit that won’t let anything through.
I’m sure that even now, it’s in the middle of standing still and defending.
Countless enemies are in my way
Waiting for me
Waiting for you, too

Mayotta toki ni wa kokoro no chizu o
Atashi ni misete hoshii
Sore nara yukisaki sugu wakaru kara
Jibun ja wakaranai dake

When you’re lost, I want you to show me
The map in your heart.
In that case, we’ll know the way to go soon.
You just can’t figure it out on your own.
Saa sa susumou ikutsu mo no kakehashi Come on, let’s move ahead across any number of bridges.
Itsu made mo issho da kara koibito no you ni
Natsu no hizashi atsukute mo hanarezu iru ne
Kitto saki ni soudai na keshiki ga matsu yo
Sono toki wa tamatte ita sono kimochi zenbu kiite yaru
We’ll always be together like lovers,
So even if the summer sun’s rays are hot, we won’t be apart.
I’m sure that just ahead, a magnificent landscape awaits.
When that time comes, I'll ask you about all of your stored-up feelings

Atashi mo motteru
Kimi ni mo kikasu
Tappuri kikasu

I have those too.
I’ll tell you about them, too.
I’ll tell them all to you!

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