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To whom this may concern,

OK so I'm planning to write some fanfic involving Angel Beats but it will also involve the movie Inception - for those who don't know what Inception is, it's a bit like the surreal dream anime movie Paprika except it has more action in it. Now I have posed a similar type of question on the Inception wiki and got some answers so now I need to clear things up with you guys.

As creative licence, I will say that the Limbo that the Afterlife Battlefront reside in is also the Limbo depicted in the movie Inception - where it is a very deep subconscious state of mind (like after the 3rd layer of dreaming, you're there) and according to the guys in the wiki/movie: "Limbo exists as a space that is not dreamt by any one individual, but is a shared space where any mind can make drastic alterations of any kind". Also of creative licence is the idea that the Afterlife Battlefront in their quest for Angel have been unknowingly terrorizing the dreams of the living as spectres unlike their subconscious projections (let the movie explain what the latter term is). Hence the protagonists of the movie are driven by the idea that if they "terminate" these "ghosts" then people's dream states will be at peace.

Also of note is that (if you have seen this in Inception you should know about this) the dreamers here (the Inception protagonists) are able to dream of anything that could help them: "You mustn't be afraid to dream bigger" as one of the protagonists points out to another, the latter holding a rifle while the former holds a grenade launcher. Of course this may mean that in their job of eradication, the Inception protagonists will also have access to bladed weapons (also I mention I would be using the 6 main protagonists of Angel Beats in this to balance out the 6 Dreamers entering Limbo - if you read that right, you can see where this is going)

On point, my main questions are:

  • Given that death for the Afterlife Battlefront is not feasible, if they end up "dying", what happens next? Do they wake up somewhere else or on the spot after a while? Or do they "pass on"?; and
  • Will the Battlefront mistake the Inception dreamers as agents of Angel? I say mistake because the Inception dreamers are acting out of their own accord but the dreamers (save for one) are of Caucasian ethnicity, not Japanese/Asian

That's all the questions I got now. Thanks if there is anyone there who can answer these questions for me (and know what they are talking about).

PS Also as creative licence, I will say that the Afterlife Battlefront will appear to be ghosts in people's subconscious states but for the Inception protagonists, as they delve deeper into the levels of dreaming, the Battlefront starts to become more tangible to them - but even at level 3 the Inception dreamers cannot be harmed - from the Battlefront's perspective, the Inception dreamers will appear more real to them the further down they go. I hope that makes sense.