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The Winding loading page (note differences from Windows XP here:

Winding (XO) is the main computers Operating System in Angel Beats!. Its logo is depicted of a red, green, blue, and yellow spiral.

It can be speculated that the Winding computers only exist inside the Afterlife as no such company actually exists in the real world, along with the fact it is probably the only Operating System that can execute Angel Player.


  • Winding is a reference to the operating system Windows.
  • Winding's publisher, MacroSoft, is a reference to Microsoft, being that "macro" is the antonym of "micro".
  • Macrosoft Winding XO is a reference to Microsoft Windows XP.
  • The Winding boot-up screen is similar to the boot-up screen of that of Windows XP. XO is probably used because many fast typers usually hit the "O" key for "P".